Even if you buy a general ticket and get on the train, you have to count the fine! Do you know about this rule of rail? – mssewb.org

: Indian Railway is a very important means of transportation in our country. Not only long-distance train journeys, railways are a very necessary form of communication in the lives of many people. For a middle-class family like ours, trains are more convenient than planes. But how much do we know about this Indian railway medium? And so today we will discuss about this most important communication medium of the country. Let’s know some important and necessary information.

Those who travel by train every day, they have to buy a general ticket monthly or annually. But if you don’t pay attention to the expiration date of this ticket, it’s a problem! So it is better to buy the ticket again before its validity expires. Otherwise, a hefty fine will be charged. Which is not good news at all.

Indian Railways has now issued a new rule. That is, as per the rules of Indian Railways, if a passenger has to travel to a place within 199 km distance, then that passenger has to book his ticket immediately within 3 hours. And if not he will have to pay a heavy fine. So the passengers have to board the train within 3 hours of buying the ticket. But if traveling 200 km and above, the ticket can be cut even before 3 hours.

It should be remembered that all these tickets are general or general tickets. Many passengers had to pay fines to cover the cost of this mistake. Again many passengers used to buy unreserved tickets to get rid of this problem. But now the rules have been made by the railways, if someone travels less than 199 km, then his journey should not take more than 3 hours anyway.

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