Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman broke the silence on the current situation of Adani Group! He gave a big speech –

After the collapse of Adani Group shares, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman today broke her silence for the first time. Adani’s share price has fallen sharply since the Hindenburg report. In the last 5 days, Adani Enterprises has fallen 49.60 percent. The Finance Minister said in an interview to a media house that SBI and LIC have issued a statement in this regard.

According to statements issued by SBI and LIC, Adani Group’s exposure has been limited to them. Apart from this, he also praised the market regulators. According to Sitharaman’s statement, Adani Group’s share exposure is within limits.

Gautam Adani is still in profit despite falling valuations. Adani Group’s debt and equity investments of Rs 36,474.78 crore have also been disclosed, according to information received from LIC. It is further stated that this amount of money is only one percent of their total investment.

LIC and SBI said the commotion at Adani Group will not affect them. Their investment in this was limited and the company and bank benefited from the investment they had.

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