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fish farming in hindi: Due to the Corona period where life is passing through difficult. Unemployment rate is also increasing due to which people are trying their hand in business. In such fish farming There is a business from which good money can be earned.

Many businesses are based on the season, while many continue to run throughout the year. Today’s time has become such that due to lack of rain, the amount of water is decreasing. Due to lack of water, the crops of the farmers have to suffer a lot. Along with this, the creatures living in the water, who live only with the help of water, are also decreasing in them. due to lack of animals like fish etc. Fish farming The business has taken a new form.

Just as land is necessary for agriculture in our life Fish farming requires a pond. Just as fish depend on the aquatic environment, in the same way without fish, the biological condition of the water environment is not normal.

in many villages and cities fish farming Industries are being developed by With the increasing demand for fish, the fish industry has a good place in the Indian market.

of India all over the world fish farming I have second place. The demand for fish farming is increasing because fish is considered to be the highest source of protein. We get many types of products from fish, in which meat, fish oil etc. are the main ones. There are many such diseases in our body which are cured by fish oil. For this the demand of fish is very high. This business has got a place in every state of India and this business is being done at a good level in which people are earning lakhs of rupees annually.

You can also start fish farming by making a pond or tank of your own.

So come on The Rural India in this blog of Fisheries (fish farming in hindi) understand in detail.

To do fish farming, we have to pay attention to various points.

  • For rearing fish, suitable land and pond have to be selected and constructed.
  • The soil in the pond has to be tested. We can also get the soil tested by scientific methods with the free service of fisheries departments and also take advice so that more fish can be produced.
  • It is necessary for animals to be in the pond for cleanliness and for eating fish.
  • The presence of aquatic plants in the ponds is harmful for the good production of fish.
  • The mild alkalinity of the water is beneficial for fish farming.
  • Dung manure has an important role in the preparation of the pond because it produces natural food for fish.
  • In chemical fertilizers, the total mixture of Urea 200 kg, Single Super Phosphate 250 kg, Muriate of Potash 40 kg is 490 kg and which should be used in 10 equal monthly installments every year.
  • Pure seeds of such excellent fish species should be used in the pond which do not harm each other while living in the same aquatic environment and grow rapidly so that maximum fish production can be ensured.
  • It is absolutely necessary for the soil and water of the pond to be suitable for high production of fish, in which sand should be 40%, silt 30% and clay 30% and the pH should be 6.5 to 7.5%.

Major Varieties for Fish Farming

Rohu, Mangur, Silver, Grass, Bhakur And Naina You can do fish farming.

You can buy fish seeds from any hatchery. There is also a fisheries department in every district, where training is also given to those starting a new job.

Fish farming can be done in running and still water.

drift fishing Recircular Aquaculture System (RAS) It is said that a spring can be found on the mountains. Fish farming is done in the plains in stagnant water.

By starting fish farming, you can earn about 5 lakh rupees every year from one acre pond. Modi government also Kisan Credit Card (KCC) From Fish Farming have also been included. Fish farming can also be done by taking your own fish pond or a pond on rent, for which the government gives loans to the farmers in both the schemes.

farmer like this Farming with Fisheries (machhali palan) You can increase your income by starting a business.

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