For the first time in life, the lottery is ‘Kellafte’! An overnight millionaire is a school teacher in Alipurduar –

Lob Kumar Vujel, a primary school teacher by profession, has never bought a lottery ticket before. But he won crores of rupees in the first lottery ticket of his life which was suddenly cut off! After winning the lottery ticket like this, he still can’t believe that he has become a Crorepati overnight.

Lob Kumar Vujel is a resident of Kalchini Torsa tea plantation area. Since childhood, he has no strength in one leg. He walked with great difficulty. Physically disabled and continued his studies. Currently he is a primary school teacher. He was very good at studies since childhood.

This teacher fights for the rights of disabled people along with social service. The incident of this teacher winning crores of rupees in the lottery has created a sensation in the entire area. Many are coming home to congratulate him. This school teacher went to the police station after winning money in the lottery. After following some rules he will get the lottery money.

Lob Kumar Babu said that he bought the lottery with only 6 rupees. The one crore rupees he would win for that ticket was beyond his imagination. He said that he will provide education and good health for the disabled with the lottery money. He will also continue to fight for the social rights of the disabled.

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