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panchayat sahayak: in our country Gram Panchayat (grampanchayt) Democracy is the first step. The Gram Panchayat is constituted directly by the voters. The head of these village panchayats is called Sarpanch or village head. but Gram Panchayat (grampanchayt) to drive sarpanch, village headApart from the Ward Panch, there are also government representatives. Who help in the works of Gram Panchayats. them to panchayat assistant (Panchayat Sahyak) or Panchayat Secretary Also known as. They are not elected by the voters but on the basis of written examination or merit.

Panchayat Secretary (panchayat sahayak) They play a very important role in the development of the village. so we Functions of Gram Panchayat Assistant And it is very important to know the rights.

So come on The Rural India in this blog of Functions of Panchayat Assistant (works of village panchayat assistants)Know in detail about Salary, Selection Processes.

what are panchayat assistants

Gram Panchayat Assistant (gram panchayat sahayak 2023) There is a government employee to discharge the functions of the Gram Panchayat. They are appointed by the state government to assist the village heads and sarpanches. At present, the Panchayat Assistant (gram panchayat sahayak 2023) is being recruited by the state government in two ways.

  • temporary appointment These types of employees are hired on adhoc for a short period of time. This appointment is for 11 months. which are extended from time to time.

  • permanent appointment These types of employees are recruited by the selection commission. They are appointed on permanent basis. They are also transferred from time to time to other gram panchayats. They are given monthly salary fixed by the government. They are also called Gram Panchayat Officers in some states.

Selection Process of Gram Panchayat Assistant (gram panchayat sahayak)

The selection process of Panchayat Sahayak is also done in two ways. The appointment of employees appointed on permanent basis is done through written examination. This exam is conducted by the State Recruitment Commission. Direct recruitment after written test Gram Panchayat Officer (Panchayat Secretary) is done as

If the appointment of Panchayat Sahayak is being done on a temporary basis, then this process is given to the eligible candidates of merit or village itself.

Functions of Panchayat Assistant (works of village panchayat assistants)

  • Keeping record of the work of Gram Panchayat

  • Taking the works proposed by the Gram Panchayat to the block

  • Keeping records of gram sabha meetings

  • Taking the problems of the villagers to the government

  • Keeping accounts of persons working in MNREGA

  • Sending the account of eligible persons of any scheme to the government

  • Monitoring the works being done in the village and getting it done properly

  • Helping a villager to get compensation in case of an accident

  • Panchayat assistant to work as computer operator in Panchayat building

  • Helping villagers to fill form in government scheme

Salary of Panchayat Assistantpanchayat assistant salary

If you are appointed as Gram Panchayat Officer, then you are given a fixed salary by the state government. If you have been appointed as Panchayat Assistant (Panchayat Secretary), then you will be given the honorarium fixed by the Gram Panchayat. For example, in Uttar Pradesh, the Panchayat assistant is given an honorarium of Rs 6,000 per month as salary. Whereas Village Panchayat Officer 5200-22000 and pay grade pay scale of Rs.1900.

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