G20 Meeting 2023 India: The important meeting of G20 is going to be held in Kolkata! Will run from 9-11 January – mssewb.org

G20 Meeting 2023 India: The first meeting of G20’s ‘Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion’ (GPFI) is going to be held in Kolkata. G20 India has informed that the meeting will be held in Kolkata from 9 to 11 January. Which is undoubtedly a source of pride for the city. Because, the first meeting of its ‘GPFI’ working group after India got the G20 presidency is going to be held in Kolkata.
Tweeted by G20 India on Wednesday. It says,—’G20India is coming to Kolkata, West Bengal!’ The tweet referred to Kolkata as the ‘City of Joy’.

In that meeting, financial system infrastructure issues will be discussed. Along with that, there will be a discussion on how it will be possible to connect the advanced technology that is coming in the market every day with the financial infrastructure. How the financial system can be strengthened through technology will also be discussed in detail.

Several other important issues will be discussed in that meeting. For example, financial literacy or financial literacy will be increased. As the financial system is improving, public awareness is not keeping pace with it. Now, if the majority of citizens cannot adopt better technology, the benefits of technology will remain elusive in financial terms. For that reason, emphasis will be placed on how to proceed towards increasing financial inclusion. And how to achieve the desired goals will be outlined, discussed.

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Another important issue will be discussed in the relevant meeting. That is the ‘digital divide’ or disparity between users in the digital world. Statistics show that 95% of the world’s population is connected to a mobile broadband network, but about 2 billion people are victims of digital-inclusion. That is, even if they are in the mobile network, how to take advantage of the online system, how to participate in it, this large number of people almost do not know. Which is one of the main obstacles in the way of overall digitization.

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During the first month of India’s G20 presidency, meetings were held in Udaipur, Mumbai and Bangalore. Apart from the meeting, there were several events including cultural events. According to sources, the same trend will continue in Kolkata. In view of what is expected, Kolkata will be able to highlight its traditions, culture and multiple fields in front of everyone based on this international level conference.

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