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Gir Cow Price, Identification in Hindi: Gir cow is the main milch indigenous breed of Indian origin. gir cow It is also known by the names Desan, Gujarati, Kathiawadi, Surti, Sorathi, etc. South Kathiawar of Gujarat Gir Forests It is believed to be the origin of this breed. This is the reason why this breed gir breed it is said. Gir cow is a large breed known for high milk production.

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Gir cow identification

  • Body of Gir breed cow red color What happens?

  • Dark red or chocolate brown spots are found on their body.

  • Body size of Gir cows is medium to large.

  • The weight of female Gir cow is about 385 kg and height is 130 cm.

  • On the other hand, the average weight of male Gir is 545 kg and height is about 135 cm.

  • Gir cow’s forehead should be convex and wide, which is helpful in protecting them from the hot sun.

  • The ears of Gir breed cow are long and hang down.

Features of Gir Cow

  • Gir cow gives 1200 to 1800 kg of milk in one goat.

  • Every day this cow gives more than 12 liters of milk.

  • Cow’s milk of this breed has 4.5 percent fat content.

  • At the age of 3 years, this breed becomes capable of giving birth to the first calf.

  • A cow gives birth to 6 to 12 calves in its lifetime.

  • The average age of Gir cow is 12 to 15 years.

  • Gir cow has good disease resistance.

  • This cow can easily live in different climates and hot areas.

Gir cow price

in Indian market gir cow price It ranges from 20 thousand to 25 thousand rupees. Gir cow price also depends on the milking ability, age and health of the cow.

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