Gold and Silver Price Today: Big change in gold prices, what is the rate in Kolkata today? – gold and silver price today in kolkata and other major cities of india check details –

Produced by Astik Ghosh | Lipi | Updated: 17 Feb 2023, 3:20 pm

The price of the yellow metal rose quite a bit on Friday, February 17. Silver prices fell slightly across the country today. Gold price in India is fixed depending on many factors. The price of gold is determined by the value of the domestic rupee and dollar, the demand for gold in the international market and the gold market within the country. Apart from this, the price of gold also varies due to different tax rates in different states. Similarly, the market price of silver in the country also depends on these factors and the price of silver is fixed on this basis. First, let’s find out how much the price of gold was in the major cities of the country including Kolkata today.

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