Group-D Job cancellation of 93 education workers! Ban on school entry –

Recently, the list of candidates who got jobs illegally in Group D posts has been published. According to the respective list, there are total 123 names of candidates of two Burdwan districts. Among them, 93 ineligible candidates were working in 89 schools in East Burdwan district. This time the East Burdwan District School Education Department identified all these illegally appointed candidates and banned them from entering the school.

The people of the state already know how far the waters of recruitment corruption have gone in the state. Corruption has affected the recruitment process of various jobs in the state. There is also corruption in the recruitment of Group ‘D’ posts in schools. Recently, the list of ineligible candidates has been published by the order of the High Court. They are your ‘educators’ employed in schools in different districts of the state! Now all these candidates are identified and their job cancellation process is going on.

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As soon as the list of ineligible candidates is published, the District School Education Department (Secondary) contacts the various schools to find out whether the concerned candidates are working in those schools or not. All these ineligible candidates were also directed to stop admission to the school through email. After that, about 93 ineligible candidates working in 89 schools of East Burdwan have been banned from entering the school.

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