He quit three or three government jobs and started farming, now the young man is earning several lakhs of rupees a month – mssewb.org

: At present, many people are starting various new jobs in keeping with the times and making it a profession instead of walking on the job path. Even, they are earning well through those works. However, in the current report today we will present to you the case of a young man who left three or three government jobs and started farming and is earning lakhs of rupees every month.

Yes, it sounds incredible at first, but that young man named Dhanraj Lovevanshi has set a precedent in this way. Not only this, he is the first farmer in Rajasthan who is farming using multicrop harvesting formula following Israeli method. Besides this he has already employed 40 men and women.

Clerical and teaching jobs quit: 29-year-old Dhanraj Lovevanshi is a resident of Asalpur. In 2019, he left the clerkship of Aklera Court. Then he became a clerk in the tehsil. Not only that, but then he was also nominated as a third grade teacher. But because of his deep passion for farming, he quit all three jobs. Due to which he gets various negative reactions from people close to him. However, he ignored them and learned subtleties related to multiple methods of farming from various places apart from Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth in Maharashtra. Also, he learned about the multicrop harvesting formula following the Israeli method.

In such a situation, Dhanraj started farming by leasing land in Sarthal. He succeeded in cultivating soybeans for the first time. Besides, he earned 38 lakh rupees through that cultivation. This time he is cultivating 10 types of off-season vegetables on a total of 40 bighas. These include crops like peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, bitter gourds, and watermelons. The most significant thing is that this time he has a target of earning around one crore rupees.

Employed 40 people: Dhanraj has provided employment to around 40 people in Lovevanshi area. They help in various work related to farming. Meanwhile, water dipping method has been adopted in the land to grow crops with less water. So that crops get water as needed. In this context, Dhanraj said, “It is possible to irrigate 40 bighas of land a day with this method. Besides, this method also conserves water.”

Dreams of opening own company: In this situation, Dhanraj Lovevanshi wants to open his own company. He said that the company will have a proper system from lab to vegetable packaging. So that the vegetables packed there are available online as well as in different parts of the country. Also, Dhanraj has also taken proper advantage of modern technology in his work. He says there is a lot to learn on social media platforms. Its proper use can prove beneficial for everyone.

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