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Higher Secondary Education Science Suggestion 2023: Dear Students, Higher Secondary Education Science Suggestion 2023 PDF has been published. Higher Secondary Education Science Suggestion 2023 is published in this post today. This suggestion has been published according to the syllabus of Education Science subject of Higher Secondary Examination 2023. This Education Science Suggestion 2023 PDF has been prepared by the editorial team of Team Exam Bangla. This Pedagogical Suggestion will be very useful for 2023 Higher Secondary Exam Candidates. Questions are arranged according to each unit. In this Higher Secondary Education Suggestion PDF, suggestive questions are arranged according to higher secondary examination mark distribution.

Higher Secondary Education Science Proposal 2023

HS Pedagogy Suggestion 2023
Subject Pedagogy
Exam Date 23/03/2023
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Dear students, Today we are going to share HS Education Suggestion. This suggestion is created by Exam Bangla Editorial Team. You can download HS Education Suggestion PDF 2023.

Short answer based questions

1) What is Gestalt theory?
2) What is transformation according to Thompson?
3) Write one similarity and one difference between learning and transformation
4) What is meant by trial and error learning strategy?
5) When does disobedience occur in ancient anudvarta theory?
6) Mention any one personal determinant of attention.
7) Which is the highest level of learning according to Gagney’s classification?
8) “Learning is a change in behavior.”—Explain the statement.
9) Mention any one personal determinant of attention.
10) Name any two sources of Thorndike’s trial and error method.
11) What is segregation?
12) When are problems created in problem solving methods?
13) What is Buddhank?
14) What is acquired power? Give an example.
15) What is implicit intentional attention?
16) Write two conditions of recurrence.
17) What does Spearman say about ability or power?
18) According to psychologist Swift, what is preshana?

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19) Write two conditions of recurrence.
20) What is fictitious mean?
21) Which is the most reliable measure of central tendency?
22) In what case to find out the exponent or numerical value or mode?
23) Why tally sign is used while dividing numbers?
24) Mention two uses of statistics in the field of education.
25) Which commission first recommended reading biographies of philosophers in schools?
26) According to the Constitution of India, who is called scheduled caste?
27) Write two differences between general religious and vocational education.
28) What is autonomous college?
29) What type of schools did the Madulior Commission recommend?
30) Who are called ‘Scheduled Tribes’ in India? Or, who are considered as ‘Scheduled Tribes’ of our country?

Higher Secondary Education Science Suggestion 2023 pdf

31) What is stated in Article 16 of the Constitution?
32) According to the Secondary Education Commission, multi-purpose schools are called?
33) A commission to judge the merits and demerits of Varanasi and Aligarh Universities and recommend abolition of communal councils
34) Mention the names of the Indian education experts of the Secondary Education Commission.
35) What are the seven groups of multidisciplinary curriculum recommended by the Mudaliyar Commission for the upper secondary school level?
36) Mention two problems of primary education?
37) Mention the two requirements of evaluation according to the Commission.
38) What is called vocational education?
39) Mention any one initiative taken by Government of India for visually impaired education.
40) Mention two behavioral problems in the classroom.
41) Who is called a partially deaf child?
42) Where and when was the first educational institution for mute and deaf established in India?
43) State two problems in education of physically challenged.
44) What is the full name of NAEP?
45) In which year UNESCO emphasized on inclusive education?
46) What is non-formal education?
47) What is the political importance of adult education?
48) Discuss two educational problems of universal primary education.
49) What is meant by compulsory education?
50) What is task force?
51) Why is ‘chakra wealth’ formed?
52) State any one objective of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.
53) Write the complete word for UNICEF.
54) What is universal education?
55) What is meant by education to know?
56) Write the complete word for DTP.
57) Write the complete sentence of ICT.
58) What is educational technology?
59) Give an example of ‘learning to live together’.
60) What can be divided into the scope of educational technology?

HS Education Suggestion 2023 PDF

Analytical questions

1) Write the formula for Thorndike’s exercise. Discuss its application in the classroom.
2) Give a satisfactory definition of learning. Discuss memorizing, remembering and knowing as different levels of learning process.
3) Write down the characteristics of intuition learning. Write an educational application of this learning strategy.
4) Mention the use of measures of central tendency. Find the mean and mean of the following schools.
5) What is higher education? Mention the statement of the commission about the aims and structure of higher education. What are the recommendations of the Kothari Commission about higher education?
6) Mention the concepts of education in the Indian Constitution. Or, refer to the recommendations regarding education laid down in the Indian Constitution.
7) What is the need for women’s education? Write the recommendations of Radha Krishnan Commission, Mudaliyar Commission and Kothari Commission on women education in their homes.
8) Why is the Ramakrishna Commission Report called a valuable document in the history of Indian education —Write it?
9) Briefly discuss the reasons for saying “Mudaliyar Commission’s recommendations are attractive in theory and ideology but flawed in practice”.
10) What does the Mudaliyar Commission recommend about the structure of technical education? Discuss the recommendations of the Commission on co-education.
11) What are scholarship education institutions?
12) State the recommendations of the Kothari Commission on formation of social, moral and spiritual values.
13) State the views of the Education Commission of India on the structure of school education and the objectives of primary education.
14) Mention the statements of National Education Policy about ‘Education in National System’.
15) Discuss about ‘Meaningful Partnership’, ‘Operation Blackboard’ and ‘Naboday Vidyalaya’ mentioned in National Education.

16) Discuss any two learning methods of mute and deaf children.
17) Discuss the need for universal primary education in India.
18) Mention UNESCO’s role in science, technology, mathematics education and information and communication technology in the world’s classrooms.
19) What is learning in terms of educational objectives? Discuss in detail about ‘Education for Knowing’.
20) Compare and contrast the National Education Policy of 1986 with the revised draft of 1992.

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