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Higher Secondary Exam 2023: The higher secondary examination is going to be organized in the state from 14th March. Will continue till 27th March. More than 8 lakh candidates are going to participate in the exam. From the very beginning, the state administration is eager to manage this year’s high school successfully. Also alert higher secondary education council. Several steps are being taken to conduct the examination properly. Recently, it is known that the exam will be conducted in one question paper and one answer paper. Besides, candidates will have to go to outside schools instead of home centers as per previous rules.

The higher secondary education council is taking many unprecedented decisions in the upcoming higher secondary exams. Earlier, the higher secondary question paper had two different sections called Part ‘A’ and Part ‘B’ for MCQ questions and big questions and after writing the answers of the two sections, the candidates had to stitch them together and submit them. A number of problems could be observed due to this. Therefore, from now on, the Higher Secondary Education Council has decided to keep only one question paper and answer sheet in the examination. That is, several pages in the front of this year’s higher secondary examination answer sheet will be printed already. And there the candidates have to write the multiple choice answers.

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Also in previous years higher secondary exams were organized at home centers due to covid situation. But from now on, the Higher Secondary Education Council has decided to bring back the old rules. That is, candidates will have to go to another school to take the exam as before. However, it has also been informed that the Covid rules will be followed in the examination center.

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