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Higher Secondary Nutrition Science Suggestion 2023: Dear students, Higher Secondary Nutrition Science Suggestion 2023 PDF has been published. Higher Secondary Nutrition Science Suggestion 2023 is published in this post today. This suggestion has been published according to the syllabus of nutrition science subject of 2023 higher secondary examination. This Nutrition Science Suggestion 2023 PDF has been created by the editorial team of Team Exam Bangla. This Nutrition Science Suggestion will be very useful for 2023 Higher Secondary Exam Candidates. Questions are arranged according to each unit. In this Higher Secondary Nutrition Science Suggestion PDF, suggestive questions are arranged according to higher secondary examination mark distribution.

Higher Secondary Nutrition Science Suggestion 2023

HS Nutrition Recommendations 2023
Subject Nutrition
Exam Date 23/03/2023
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Dear students, Today we are going to share HS Nutrition Suggestion. This suggestion is created by Exam Bangla Editorial Team. You can download Class 12 Nutrition Suggestion PDF 2023.

Short answer based questions

1) What is liver cirrhosis? What is the reason for this?
2) Bile is primarily produced in which organ?
3) How does BMR change in old age?
4) What is the process of making glycogen from glucose?
5) Why should children not be fed protein rich food before six months of age?
6) Mention one main characteristic of motivator.
7) Fatty acids are absorbed into bile forming what compounds?
8) What are the fats in bile?
9) Give examples of two milk proteins.
10) When is breast milk not safe?
11) Name one low cost protein rich food.
12) What kind of food should be provided in early pregnancy.
13) What is the daily caloric requirement of an overworked pregnant woman?
14) What kind of difference can be observed in normal women and pregnant women’s temperature value?
15) What is the daily mineral salt requirement of a lactating mother?
16) Up to what age should a child be exclusively breastfed?
17) Write the calcium and iron requirements of a pregnant woman.
18) Colostrum is rich in which amino acid which helps in baby brain development?
19) What kind of vitamin needs are noticeable in pregnant women?
20) What do you mean by the nature of eating habits?
21) What do you know about light-dark test?
22) What is ovo lacto vegetarian?
23) How much glucose in the blood causes glycosuria?
24) What is chronic fever?
25) How does IFA tablets contain iron?
26) Which two minerals are not absorbed in the body due to lack of vitamin D?
27) Name any two diseases transmitted in milk.
28) Mention any four factors responsible for obesity.
29) Name two diseases for which protein controlled diet is recommended.
30) What components of milk are lost in the pasteurization process?

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Higher Secondary Nutrition Science Suggestion 2023 pdf

31) What are the two main methods of population control?
32) Why is egg called ‘reference’ protein?
33) Mention one symptom of pyorrhea.
34) What types of malnutrition are seen in children? What is the remedy?
35) Mention some methods of food preservation.
36) What is Malthus’ theory of population?
37) Mention the year of introduction of MDM-project.
38) What are the topics of nutrient deficiency control or prevention programs?
39) Why is it necessary to include pulses in the diet of poor people?
40) Write the full name of FNB.
41) What is food survey or diet survey?
42) What is biotic potential?
43) Microcytic hypochromic anemia is caused by deficiency of which mineral?
44) What is supplementary food?
45) What is the full name of IDDCP?
46) Mention some important benefits of demonstration cookery
47) What is brokash index?
48) In which year and where was the applied nutrition scheme launched?
49) When is World Madhumeh Day observed?
50) Who and when launched the Pre-School Children’s Home Food Project?
51) What causes FFT problems in children?
52) Name four methods of food survey.
53) What is the full name of IDDCP?
54) What is the full name of NNMB?
55) What is the full name of FNB?

HS Nutrition Recommendations 2023

Analytical questions

1) Briefly describe the metabolism of fats.
2) Why liver is called a well-equipped bio-chemistry?
3) State the source, components and functions of bile.
4) Describe the process of digestion of sugars or carbohydrates in the human body.
5) Write the difference between breast milk and ogo milk.

6) What is ketosis? What causes ketosis?
7) Write the difference between artificial milk and breast milk.
8) Discuss a commercial method of fish conservation.
9) What are the disadvantages or disadvantages of breast milk?
10) Discuss any six problems related to child nutrition.
11) What do you mean by food? What is the function of food? Discuss the classification of foods.
12) Explain the principles of an obese person’s diet plan.
13) What kind of food should not be given to them?
14) What is the main mantra of FAO? Write what you know about the activities of FAO.
15) Discuss the course of tuberculosis.
16) Discuss the remedies for constipation.
17) Mention the causes of food spoilage.
18) What are the common methods of food preservation at home?
19) Mention eight misconceptions about food.
20) Briefly discuss the causes of malnutrition due to lack of protein energy.
21) What is your opinion about food price list and its use?
22) Mention FAO/WHO guidelines for prevention of child malnutrition.
23) Discuss in brief about Special Nutrition Programme, Integrated Child Development Scheme and Management System.

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