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How many bighas are there in 1 hectare?: Whenever we go to buy any item in the market, the item is given to us by measuring or weighing it. Many measuring instruments have been made depending on the nature of the object.

For example, meter, centimeter, millimeter to measure length, kilogram, quintal to measure weight, liter, milliliter to measure milk or any liquid.

Similarly, a method (unit) has been made for farmer friends to measure the field on the coming days. As- Bigha, Acre, Hectare, Biswa, Decimal….

Many units are prevalent in our country to measure the field.

Let us tell you, the hectare method is recognized in most of the states. Each state has a different method of measuring land. But our farmer brothers understand more closely the local measurement system that has been going on for thousands of years. Most of the farmer friends have the same question that how much bigha is there in one hectare?

so come on ‘The Rural India’ Learn all the popular methods of measuring land in this article. Which will help you to get the correct measurement of the field.


‘bigha’ It is a unit of measurement of land that has been going on since ancient times. There is no standard unit of bigha. It may also be different in different states. Often 0.843 hectare in one bigha There is land. In the states of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand 20 biswas in 1 bigha There is land. Let us tell you, Bigha is not a standard unit of measuring land.


Hectare is the standard unit of measurement of land. Even in papers, land is measured in hectares or square metres. 3.95 bigha in one hectare It happens.


Acre It is also the standard unit of land measurement. Acre is often the prevalent unit in the states of North India. There is 1.62 bigha in one acre. Whereas, there are 4046.8 square meters or 0.4047 hectares in an acre.

Land frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Question- How much bigha is there in one hectare?

Answer- There are 3.95 bighas in one hectare.

Question- How much bigha is in one acre?

Answer- There is 1.62 bigha in one acre.

Question- How much biswa is there in one bigha?

Answer- There are 20 biswas in one bigha.

Question- How many acres are there in a hectare?

Answer- There are 2.47 acres in one hectare.

Question- How many square meters are there in a bigha?

Answer- A bigha is 2,500 square metres.

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