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successful farmer: Farmer brothers, you have always been hearing that how to become a successful engineer, how to become a successful doctor, but how to become a successful farmer. Successful Farmer (How to Become a Smart Farmer) The discussion is rarely seen. whereas in today’s environment How to become a successful farmer? It must be discussed.

today we Articles/Blogs Through how to be a successful farmerHow to become a smart farmerwill give complete information about it so that you can become a successful farmer Be able to become

Here, we will tell you how you can turn your farming into a successful business and double your income.

So let’s know- How to earn good income from farming.

do animal husbandry with farming,

farmer brothers, animal husbandry business along with farming It’s been going on for centuries. In ancient times farming was not possible without the help of animals. But times are changing, after mechanization in agriculture, people’s interest in animal husbandry has decreased. Animal husbandry has moved away from agriculture, due to which the income of the farmers has decreased. By doing animal husbandry, we used to get good income along with manure, drinking milk, buttermilk, curd, ghee for the fields.

At present, the problem of stubble burning is because we do not have animals. Farmers depend only on agriculture. When they have few animals according to agriculture, they do not have to wander even for fodder. They get green fodder from the fields itself and there will be no problem of burning the stubble.

Therefore, farmer brothers, if you want to become a self-sufficient farmer, then do animal husbandry along with farming. Apart from farming, farmers can also get good income from animal husbandry. In animal husbandry, you can choose cow-buffalo or goat according to your convenience and farming.

choose the right crop

Farmer brothers, as you also know, when a businessman starts his business, before starting the business, he steps into the business after a lot of thought. So why can’t you? Today farming needs to be done according to the demand of the market. So that we can get fair price of the crop. You choose such a crop, in which you have experience and the crop can be sold immediately in the market.

However, choosing a crop is difficult. Before choosing the right crop, take full care of the climate, soil, market etc. of the area. For this you must contact the nearest agriculture department or agriculture universities.

Multilayer farming is a profitable deal

Nowadays the biggest problem of the farmers is- Cost of farming is high and profit is less, Because of which many farmers leave farming. A large section of farmers in India are small farmers who have less than 1 hectare of land. In such a situation, it becomes difficult for them to maintain their family on less land.

What is Multilayer Farming?What is Multilayer Farming?

Multilayer Farming It means multi-level farming in which the farmer produces more than one crop on one land in a scientific way, in which he can get more than one crop at the same place. In multilayer farming, 4-5 crops can be easily planted simultaneously in the same field. In this type of farming, the cost of farmers is reduced by 3 times, while the profit increases by 6 to 7 times.

Marketing your own crop

There is a huge problem of better market for agricultural produce in our country. The farmer grows the crop, but is not able to do better marketing of it. Due to which he is not able to earn according to the cost. Due to not getting the right price for the crops, the farmer gets frustrated from farming.

If the farmer does organic farming then there is more problem for him. He also gets the same price for his organic crops as other crops. This makes him consider leaving organic farming.

The right solution to this problem is that you also learn to sell your crops. It is not that your crops will not get price. Today there is a lot of demand for organic fruits and vegetables in big cities because they are facing health problems. Are ready to pay a good price for organic fruits and vegetables. Therefore, you can deliver your products directly to those consumers, who understand the importance of your product. For this, many companies are also coming forward to help the farmers who can deliver your product directly to the consumer.

But the better way is to get farmers out of their fields and market their crops themselves. It will take some time, but a day will come when the consumer himself will come to your farm to buy your product.

Organic farming is a better option

Farmer friends, I want to tell you that organic farming is the need of the day not only for more production but also to keep our body healthy. By using chemical farming, farmers are making their fields barren and poisoning their food. In the race for more production, farmers are running towards chemical farming, which is not good. If you go organic, you can save yourself and your family from food poisoning.

Nowadays the demand for organic fruits and vegetables is increasing in the cities, all that is needed is to publicize our organic products. Today there are many such farmers who are earning profit of lakhs by doing organic farming. Because those farmers have understood the market of organic produce and its importance.

Take training for modern farming

Today there is a huge shortage of agricultural research and training in our country. People want to become agricultural scientists and officers after being educated. But no one wants to be a farmer who can understand their problems by working with the farmers. Research is being done in the country but the farmers are not getting enough benefit from it.

Farmers also want that the government or Krishi Vigyan Kendra Attend training camps organized by Let us tell you, from time to time, the government organizes agricultural schools for farmers for modern farming, animal husbandry, horticulture. After training, the government also gives some grants for encouragement. All farmers should take advantage of this. For training, you can directly contact agricultural institutions, agricultural colleges and universities.

Here we give you some agriculture related Institute And universities Providing a list of, from where you can contact and get information.

Explore the future in horticulture

Farmer brothers, if you love nature then gardening can fulfill both your hobby and earning. Gardening can become the support of your old age. If you start gardening along with farming, then even in old age you can earn lakhs with little effort.

Due to lack of education and awareness, farmer brothers are not able to do modern horticulture. If modern gardening is done then they can get good production even in less time. In this way gardening can become a source of income in your future.

Farmer brothers, in short, you should pay attention to the above measures. by which you Can save both today and tomorrow. If you also bring all these measures in your agricultural life, then farming can also be a good business for you and you will be a successful farmer.

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