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selection of good dairy cattle in hindi | How to choose the right milch animals

animal husbandry Its success is on healthy and milch animals. It is necessary to have milch animals for more profits. For this we should buy a healthy animal while buying the animal. If you also want to earn more profits from animal husbandry.

So come on The Rural India Learn in the blog of- How to check healthy animal while buying animal?

Keep these things in mind while buying milch animals


The animal should be bright, clean and free from effusion, should not be crusted and bloody.


Regular breathing with cold, moist muzzle, regular tongue twisting, which is not abnormal. Be alert for wheezing, coughing, sneezing or irregular breathing.

cover (hair)

The hair of the animal should be shiny, clean and free from tangles, free from tangles.

animal weight

Be aware of weak and emaciated animals.

animal attitude

curious, careful and satisfied; Be wary of animals standing apart from the group. they can be naughty


Animals walk easily, not lame; Watch out for slow or inconsistent movements or hunching over when sitting, do not cause difficulty to the animal when getting up.


The udder of a milch animal should be healthy and big in size. Should have advanced milk veins. The udder should be full and not overly fleshy. Watch the cow carefully while walking, the udder should not be tilted to one side.

animal pedigree

It is necessary to keep a detailed record of the number of births of the animal, record of milk production in the previous estrus, any special disease like- Thanela, uterine prolapse, jer stop, difficulty in delivery, milk fever etc.

age (age)

Although it is not related to health, still the farmer should determine the age by looking at its teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question- What is the identity of a healthy animal?

Answer- A healthy animal is always aware and alert of its surroundings. Along with this, the glow in the skin and eyes remains intact.

Question- How will you recognize a sick animal?

Answer- The sick animal remains lethargic and isolated from the herd. Sick animal eats less feed.

Question- Which disease reduces milk production in animals?

Answer- Due to Thanela disease in animals, there is a decrease in milk production. If any kind of disease affects the animal, there is a decrease in milk production.

Question- How is breed improvement done in animals?

Answer- Hybridization is done to improve the breed of animals. In crossbreeding, foreign or high milk yielding cow and high quality local bull are fertilized. This results in more milk and liveable calves/heifers in native environment.

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