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Cultivation of Cinnamon: India cultivation of torches World famous for. in our country Cultivation of Cinnamon ,Cinnamon Cultivation) It is abundant in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. cinnamon (Cinnamon) It is an evergreen crop. Which is used as spice and medicine. Its crop is obtained in the form of dry bark of the tree. use of its leaves Bay leaf (bay leaf) It is also done like

cinnamon (Cinnamon) Brown color is soft, smooth and rich in aroma, which adds a flavor to food and provides relief in disorders, toothache, headache, skin diseases, loss of appetite and menstrual problems. Due to these qualities, there is a demand for cinnamon in every season. because of which Cultivation of Cinnamon (dCultivation of Alchini It has been considered as the most profitable crop for the farmers.

So come on The Rural India in this article of Cultivation of Cinnamon (Cinnamon Cultivation) Know the details related to.

Suitable climate and soil for cinnamon cultivation

Cinnamon is a crop of tropical climate. Warm and humid climate is better for the growth of the plant for the cultivation of cinnamon. Its plants need 200 to 250 cm of annual rainfall.

Cultivation of Cinnamon Sandy loam and sandy loam soil is suitable for it. Use only well-drained land for its cultivation.

Best time for cinnamon cultivation

Planting of cinnamon plants is done in June-July.

Field preparation for cinnamon

  • Prepare a pit of 50 cm length and width by cleaning the land properly.

  • Keep the distance between the pits 3 meters.

  • Plant the plants in June-July.

  • Weed the plants in August-September.

fertilizer management

  • While filling the pits, mix 20 kg of FYM or compost in each pit.

  • In the first year, apply 40 gm Urea, 115 gm Single Super Phosphate and 45 gm Muriate of Potash per tree.

  • In summer season apply 25 kg Jhapni from green leaves and 25 kg FYM manure.

  • Keep increasing the amount of fertilizer every year in this sequence.

  • Apply fertilizer in the month of May-June and September to October.

Varieties of Cinnamon

  • Navshri (navshri)

  • Nityashree

  • Cinnamomum Verum

  • Cinnamomum Cassia

  • Cinnamomum loureiri (Cinnamomum loureirii)

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