How to do animal housing management? Learn here 10 tips –

Dairy farming Agriculture is an important part of the sector. Our country is number one in milk production in the world. But when it comes to per capita productivity, it is far behind. The main reason for this is the traditional technology of milk production in our country.

Most cattle breeders have a question how to start dairy farm, how to start a dairy farm in hindi So let us tell you, we will have to adopt new techniques to increase milk production, which will milk production We can increase more.

dairy farm We have to pay attention to many aspects. Housing for animals is very important in this.

so come on ‘The Rural India’ know in this article of dairy farming for How to do animal housing management?

1. Choose the Right Location

Choose a place to open a dairy farm, which is close to a city or town. This will give you two benefits. First, you will get a large number of customers. Second, you will get better prices as compared to villages.

2. Keep Dairy Farm High

Pay special attention to height while building a dairy farm. The building or place you will prepare for keeping animals should be higher than the surrounding area. You will get many benefits from this. First, water logging will not be a problem during the rainy season. Second, animal waste will flow directly into the drains. Third, cleaning will not be a hassle.

3. Take care of sunlight

Build such a habitat for animals, where sunlight falls well. For this you also have to choose the right direction. The width part of the farm should be in the north-south direction and the length part should be in the east-west direction. This will also have the advantage that there will be no moisture in the animal housing, the platforms will remain dry and there will be no smell from the drain.

4. Air and sunlight should be good

Special care should also be taken for ventilation during house construction. The habitat of the animals should not be completely closed, otherwise it will be difficult for them to live and they will not be able to get the right amount of oxygen.

5. Connectivity

Connectivity is an important aspect in dairy business. That’s why make a dairy farm at such a place, which is not far from the road. Along with this, complete means of transport should also be present there. A distance of 100 to 200 meters from the road will be correct. Experts believe that the housing of animals should not be adjacent to the road, because sometimes animals get distracted by the sound of vehicles and horns. That’s why a certain distance is necessary.

6. Electricity and water system

This is one of the biggest requirements of dairy farming. Electricity is very important for proper maintenance of animals. With the help of electricity, lighting can be arranged at night and fans or coolers etc. can also be run for the animals in the summer season. For your information, let us tell you that animals drink a lot more water than humans. That’s why water should be available for them to drink at all times. Apart from this, water will also be needed for cleaning the house.

7. Arrangement of diet

Special care has to be taken of the diet of milch animals. So choose a place where green fodder is available. Apart from this, there should also be adequate arrangements for food grains, water and straw etc. If necessary, supplements are also given to the animals, so that there is no shortage of nutrients in them.

8. Market and Labor

Both these things are important aspects of this business. Dairy farming will enable you to get products like milk, paneer and khoya. But, if they are not able to reach the market properly, then the possibility of loss will increase. So housing should be a place from where you can market your products and deliver them to the market on time. At the same time, you will need labor for the care of the farm and animals, for milking, for cleaning. So, this aspect also cannot be ignored.

9. Have storage arrangements

Storage space is also needed at the animal’s habitat. In this way you can store animal fodder, husk, grains and milking utensils etc. Apart from this, if there is any other item related to this business, then it also gets a place to keep it.

10. The environment is suitable

Having a good environment is an essential requirement for dairy farming. The cleaner the place the animals live, the better it will be for them. Polluted environment can make animals sick. Also, productivity can also be affected by this. That’s why it is important to choose a good and safe environment.

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