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Mombatti banana business: Birthday or wedding anniversary party, candle light dinner for lovers or raising voice for justice of ‘Nirbhaya’ or Diwali like a festival without believing Candle K is incomplete. Be it in the moments of ‘happiness’ or in every situation of ‘sad’ ‘Candle’ His presence is recorded.

Whether it is a matter of decoration of the hotel or of the house Candle Illuminates all places. The use and consumption of candles can be estimated only by looking at these few examples. Looking at the demand and consumption, adopting the candle industry as a business can be said to be profitable. Candle consumption alone is not enough to adopt it as a business, there are many other reasons that lead to this industry. today we will talk about why candle making business to be thought about.

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How to do candle making business?  Know cost and earning here

Less cost

The candle industry can also be started at a low cost. Many people have lost their jobs in the ‘Corona period’. In such a situation, the economic condition of the people has not been good. People have to leave their jobs and sit at homes. On the other hand, even after working in the offices, they are deducted money. In such a situation, many people are thinking about doing their own business, then this can be a golden opportunity for them. candle making business You can start from 10 thousand to lakhs of rupees. If you want to work with machinery, then your cost can go from 50 thousand to lakhs of rupees. But if you do it manually, you can start this business with low cost.

Candle Business Location

You don’t need a very big space in candle making business. You can also start this business from a small room in the house. If we do this industry with our own hands, then for this we do not need to take any extra house or office. Additional space will definitely be required to use the machines.

How to do candle making business?  Know cost and earning here

saving time

It also takes relatively less time to make a candle. If we talk about making candles by hand, a person can make about 100 candles in 40 to 45 minutes. Machines make more candles in less time. The capacity of the machines depends on how many candles can be made. Like if you are using semi automatic machine, then this machine can produce 300 candles in 15 minutes. There are many machines that can produce 100 candles in an hour.


This industry can be started even by a small number of people. 2-3 people can reduce other work like candle making, marketing etc. It requires less manpower as compared to other industries.

raw material availability

The prices of the things used in candles are also less. By buying these materials at a low cost, profit can be made by making candles from them. Raw material is available at low cost in wholesale price.

There is 40 to 50 percent profit in the candle industry. If the people working in this industry belong to the family, then the percentage of this profit remains in the family only.


Not much educational qualification is required to work in the candle industry or to set up an establishment. 8th pass can also work in this industry. There must be so much ability that the person can know about the materials.

Government Schemes and Subsidies for Candle Business

Candle making business comes under the category of both cottage and small scale industries. Many schemes are being run by the government to promote cottage and small scale industries. You should know that the government has given subsidy to protect small business. This subsidy is given in the last period on paying the loan installment regularly. The government has implemented many such development schemes. The cottage industry can be improved through these schemes. Some of the schemes are- Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Rozgar Generation Program, Pradhan Mantri Rozgar Yojana, National Small Industries Corporation.

Loan to start candle making business

The government has made a plan to provide loans for cottage industries at low interest rates. This loan is available through the Kisan Credit Card scheme. The special thing is that it does not even require any document. Mudra loan is also given by the government for this.

candle making business training

Many institutes also provide training for cottage and small scale industries. Along with the training, honorarium is also given. Information is also given by the government from time to time by organizing many programs. There are also many big institutes where studies related to the candle industry are also conducted.

market for candles

The need of candles is being felt by people of every class today. Be it happiness or sorrow, there has been a need for a candle in every situation. In such a situation, it would be correct to say that the market for candles is huge. In such a situation, it is easier for people making candles to find a market for their product than in other industries. There is a market for it in small and big places.

less risk of capital sinking

The risk of capital sinking in the candle industry is negligible. Even after making a candle, if it cannot be sold for some reason for some reason, there is no need to worry. Even after some time, there is no decrease in profit on selling the candle in the market.

Apart from all these things, it is also very important to pay attention to some other things before starting the candle making business. If the candle making business is being established on a large scale, then it is necessary to know the legal process to start the business. Such as company formation, business registration, PAN card, business account, payment of taxes, etc.

In the changing times, choosing the right career in front of the youth is no less than a challenge. The biggest challenge is to get work according to your wish. Today there are more than one multinational companies in the country, but the youth do not get satisfaction even after working in them, so they have started believing in starting their own business. Most of the youth start their business on a large scale with enthusiasm, but fail due to lack of understanding of the market. In such a situation, it is necessary to start a business with small investment so that there is no risk. The risk in this regard is low in the candle industry. Whether the candle industry is established in the village or in the city, its market is huge. If we talk about the village, then candles can also be sold in the local market or haat-bazaar in the towns. There is no dearth of market in the city with shopkeepers in hotels, churches, malls etc.

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