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fish farming in hindi: The scope of agriculture sector in India is huge. in that fish farming is also an integral part. Fish farming has inspired the farmers of the country to move forward with a new approach. Farmers are getting many benefits from this.

Since time immemorial, the system of water harvesting has been helpful in making the rural areas self-sufficient for water. Water harvesting is not only important for agriculture and potable water but it is another option fish farming This is also due to which the working class, laborers and fishermen of rural areas get business and employment opportunities.

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So first of all we know that fish farming What is?

What is fish farming? (what is fish farming)

Fish farming is also a type of farming. fish seed fish farming is called

To put it simply, fish farming is the cultivation of fish for food and profit.

fish farming

fish farming Animal husbandry is considered the backbone. However, it is not only helpful in strengthening the economy but also in optimizing the natural resources.

Fish farming seems to be a very big and complicated business arrangement, but it is not at all like that. It is very easy and economical and low risk business.

In simple language, it is a great business for the farmers, which can become another option apart from agriculture. In which it does not matter if it rains heavily, hail falls, storm comes, storm comes.

Yes, of course, less rain can disturb it and increase the concern.

fish farming The modern system has now become such that it can be done in the water of pond, river, puddle. The best part is that every size of fish is available for a good price. It also depends on how you seed and feed your fish.

fish farming

as well as the Government of India fish farming to encourage blue revolution Has brought schemes such as modernity as well as providing excellent training on technology and fisheries.

At the same time, the Ministry of Dairy and Fisheries, Government of India, has made arrangements for many subsidies, including various schemes for fisheries, including excellent training for fishermen.

It is very important to take care of these things mainly for fishing.

selection of land

The beginning of the life of fishes first of all depends on the place of their accumulation like pond, river, puddle, sea etc. But it is very important to know which fish is suitable for which place.

Some special precautions for pond management

  • Remove unnecessary trees and plants from the pond.

  • Remove unwanted animals and predatory fish from the pond.

  • Keep improving the pH of the water.

  • Add appropriate amount of cow dung and manure to the pond.

  • Add appropriate amount of cultured fish seed.

  • Keep checking the feed of the fish in the pond.

  • Give artificial diet to the fish.

  • Keep checking the growth of the fish.

  • Take out salable fish from the pond.

seed selection

Such seeds should be selected according to the environment and nature, which can grow in that area, which can increase in size and for that only such seeds should be selected which are suitable for that place. Produce in the pond which is the exact opposite of natural.

bait for fish

Feed is as important for fishes as it is necessary for us to breathe, it depends on their feed that what will be their shape. It does not mean that if we put more bait then the size of the fish will be good. It’s important to be in proportion

best fishing time

In fishing, it is most important to keep in mind that under what circumstances we are taking out the fish, there is still growth in the fish and taking out the fish cannot be beneficial from anywhere, so wait for the right time and be patient. The most important unit of

buy Sell

Buying and selling of fish in rural areas depends on which fish is alive, which fish is fresh, which fish is dead. Desi fish people of rural areas like to eat fresh, but on the contrary, sea fish always comes on the plate a few days old. So if we are doing fish farming in rural areas then at the time of selling it we have to keep in mind that we should keep the fish alive as much as possible.

Now let’s talk, fish also enhances the beauty of the house, you can see a living example of this in the urban area.

There is also a section of the urban area that does fish farming in a very small way and to enhance the beauty of the house, which people in common language aquarium fishing it is said.

Although it does not depend on nature, it is done only to enhance the beauty of the houses and to show the love of fishes, in this neither attention is given to the reproduction of fishes nor attention is given to increase in their size. Rather it is done for the beauty of the fishes and love for the fishes.

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