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marriage hall business in hindi: Nowadays everyone must be seeing that most of the Manglik programs are celebrated somewhere by booking hotels or banquets. Less in village but in cities marriage hall And Banquet Hall The trend is increasing. If there is not much space in the house, then people organize marriages in marriage halls. Also Birthday, Engagement Ceremony, Anniversary Celebration Etc. marriage hall is done in

if you also Business are looking for Marriage hall business (marriage hall business ideas in hindi) Can become a means of good employment for you. marriage hall business By doing this, you can easily earn from 50 thousand rupees to 1 lakh rupees. Your income can be even higher during the wedding season.

So come on The Rural India Learn in this blog of- How to do marriage hall business? (marriage hall business in hindi)

In this blog you will know-

  • how to start marriage hall business

  • Selection of place for marriage hall

  • how to name marriage hall

  • how to keep the interior

  • essential items for marriage hall

  • how to hire people

  • marriage hall advertisement

  • How to grow wedding planner business

  • Cost in marriage hall business

  • Profit in the business of wedding planner or marriage hall

How to start marriage hall business

marriage hall or wedding planner business This is not a business to be done with very little money. For this you will first need to raise a lot of money. Before starting this business, plan what kind of marriage hall you want to make. What facilities are to be kept in it and what kind of design is to be made. Collect your cost accordingly. Only after that try to put your hand in this business.

Selection of venue for marriage hall

This business is not a business that runs much in the village or street. For this you will need a lot of open space. Which is available in the market. Where people can contact you easily. Where accommodation for 500 to 1000 people can be arranged. So for this, you yourself choose the place to get the marriage hall built at a good place. Where there is also a lot of space for parking. Keep in mind that where you are getting the marriage hall built, there should be no shortage of water and electricity.

How to name marriage hall?

marriage hall Keep a good name after choosing the place for it. Keep in mind that the name should not be too long and should not be too difficult. Keep the name such that people can easily remember it. And keep the name little unique which will help to attract people. It should not have any wrong meaning in any other language. Keeping all these things in mind marriage hall Select the name of

how to keep the interior

marriage in recent business You must have taken special care of the interior as well. Because this business is not a room or house business. Which can also run without a good interior. In this business, first people will come to you, then their first attention will be on your interior. What kind of place is this, how is the interior. So you will have to spend a lot of money on the interior as well. Apart from this, you will also have to change the Mandap, Jaimala’s chair etc from time to time. Stick to what is trending. So that people do not go anywhere else after seeing your marriage hall.

Items needed for marriage hall business

  • tent house accessories

  • similar to catering

  • Pavilion

  • Garland and chair for people to sit

  • Table

Appointment of staff for marriage hall

marriage hall business It is not a matter of being alone. For this you will always have to keep 10 to 12 people employed. For example, some people will have to be kept for the work of the tent and some people for the work of decoration. Especially keep only those people in these works who already have experience of these works. Some new people can also be hired, but if all the new people remain, then you will have to work hard with them.

Marriage Hall Advertisement

marriage hall business You will have to do a little hard work for advertising. Because it is a big business and there is a lot of competition in this business. So if you are new in this business then you will have to take the help of advertisement. For example, you can give information about it by posting it on your social media account. Along with this, you can also distribute the template in your area. Apart from this, sometimes you can advertise in newspapers around you or you can also advertise in local channels. In less time than this, most of the people will know about your marriage hall.

How to grow wedding planner business

If you want, you can start this business only from marriage hall. If you do not want to run the marriage hall yourself, then you can just get the hall built and give it on rent. And you can collect the rent by hiring other people. Apart from this, gradually you start making arrangements for catering as well. After that, if you want, you can also keep your own tent material. In this way, you can earn profits of lakhs by increasing your marriage hall business gradually.

Marriage Hall Business Cost

The business of wedding planners is not a low-cost business. For this you should gear up in advance to incur the cost. Because to start it, you will have to keep around 5 to 10 lakh rupees. After this you can increase the cost according to your need. Can earn more profit. The better you will give convenience to the people. You will also get that much profit.

Profit in marriage hall business

now-a-days Marriage Hall or Banquet Hall The trend of organizing auspicious programs is increasing. Whether it is a village or a city, most of the people are preferring to hold their wedding ceremony in the marriage hall. There is not much frills in the house, so if you also want to get into this business. So you can easily make a profit of lakhs. If you do not have any shortage of cost, then you can feel free to try this business and earn millions of profits.

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