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Tomato Farming: tomato MultipleIt is also a popular vegetable. Tomatoes are used a lot to enhance the taste of vegetables. It is widely used in making tomato sauce, chutney, chaat. Many nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber, iron and calcium are found in tomatoes, which are very beneficial for health. Tomato Farming Not only the taste of vegetables but also works to increase the income of the farmers.

So come on, in today’s article in When and how to do tomato farming? Know all the important things related to it.

In this blog you will learn-

  • Suitable soil and climate for tomato cultivation

  • Tomato Varieties

  • sowing time

  • sowing method

  • weed control

  • Manure and Fertilizer Management

  • irrigation management

  • harvesting

  • Tomato diseases and their prevention

  • How to do tomato marketing

  • Cost, Yield and Profits in Tomato Cultivation

Suitable soil and climate for tomato cultivation

Black loam soil, sandy loam soil and red loam soil are suitable for tomato crop. even in light soil Tomato Farming It is good pH value of soil for high yield of tomato 7 to 8.5 Must be between

Improved varieties of tomato can be cultivated throughout the year. It does not require any special type of land or climate. The temperature of 20-25 degree Celsius is suitable for the germination of tomato seeds. 18-30 degree temperature is suitable for the growth of tomato plant.

Tomato Varieties

It is very important to choose good variety of tomato seeds for tomato cultivation. For this you can get more information from the market or Krishi Vigyan Kendra.

Indigenous varieties of tomato:

  • Pusa Sheetal Pusa-120

  • pusa ruby

  • Pusa Gaurav

  • Arka Vikas

  • Arka Saurabh

  • Sonali

Hybrid Varieties of Tomato:

  • Pusa Hybrid-1

  • Pusa Hybrid-2

  • Pusa Hybrid-4

  • Rashmi and Avinash-2

tomato planting time

Tomato crop can be taken 3 times in a year. For this sowing is done in May-June, September-October and January-February.

sowing method

field preparation Tomato Farming You can prepare seed or nursery. Cultivation of tomato by nursery method gives more production.

field preparation

Before sowing tomato, turn the soil of the field with a plough. After the first ploughing, mix suitable manure and compost in the soil and get it plowed once again so that the manure and compost mix well in the soil.

weed control

Weeds consume nutrients and water for the crop, weaken the crop and cause heavy loss of yield. The growth of the crop stops. That’s why weeding is necessary from time to time for weed control. If broad leaf weeds like Bathua, Senji, Krishnaneel, Satpati are more in the field, then spray Stamp-30 (Pandimethelin). This can control weeds to a great extent.

Manure and Fertilizer Management

For higher production of tomatoes, before using manure and fertilizers, if possible, the soil of your farm should be tested. Only then use manure and fertilizers. anyway Tomato Farming For this, sprinkle rotted cow dung manure, DAP, ammonium sulphate, muriate of potash in the field before sowing.

irrigation management

Irrigation is required depending on the moisture in the soil. First irrigation should be given before flowering and second irrigation at the time of pod formation. It should be kept in mind that light irrigation should be done and there should be no stagnation of water in the field. Tomato has good ability to tolerate temperature. Therefore there is no need to irrigate very frequently.


Tomato fruits should be plucked when their growth is complete and red and yellow streaks are visible in that stage and should be kept in the room and cooked. Tomatoes are prone to damage by birds when they are ripening on the plant.

Tomato diseases and prevention

wet melt These diseases are observed in tomato plants before seed germination and also after seed germination. In this, the seeds of plants and the parts attached to the ground rot. Spray Pythium, Phytophthora, Scleracem to prevent this disease.

early scorching Small spots appear on the plants and the leaves turn yellow in case of tomato cultivation or disease. For its diagnosis, spray Alternaria solani.

late blight In this disease, brown colored powder is seen falling around the plant, to prevent this, spray Phytophthora insistence.

fruit rot Fruit rot occurs after the release of tomatoes in the plants, in which yellow spots appear on the fruits and the crop gets damaged. To diagnose this, spray Parasitica.

mosaic- This disease is common in tomato cultivation. The leaves of the plant shrink when this disease occurs, to prevent this, spray sulfur.

How to do tomato marketing

if you Tomato Farming If you are living in the village, then after harvesting, when you are getting good prices in the mandis, then you can sell it in the market of your village or in the nearby mandis. If you are cultivating this crop on a large scale, then if you want, you can send your crop from one city to another, so that you can get good profits.

Apart from this, you can send your tomatoes by contacting the processing companies or you can start making sauce yourself, so that you can get good income throughout the year.

Cost, Yield and Profits in Tomato Cultivation

Tomato Farming Can be done throughout the year. If you prepare a nursery and plant good quality tomatoes, then you can earn a profit of about 5 to 6 lakhs per acre in a year. Apart from this, if you do the work of making sauces, chutneys, pickles, pickles, then your earnings will increase continuously.

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