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How to make money from YouTube: YouTube in today’s time Google It is the second largest search engine after . It is the world’s largest video platform. YouTube was launched on 14 February 2005. In today’s time, everyone likes to watch YouTube because right now every information that you need is available in YouTube. today YouTube Along with entertainment, it has become a source of income. youtube There is such a platform from which you can easily earn lakhs of rupees per month.

Today thousands of videos are being uploaded on YouTube every day. people who make money from youtube Youtubers It is said If you have any idea, skill or knowledge then you can show it to the whole world through YouTube and earn money too.

so come today The Rural India in this blog of What is youtube? And know the complete details of how you can earn money from YouTube. Due to which you can also earn well in low cost in the era of unemployment.

First of all know, what is YouTube?


Simply put, YouTube is a video sharing platform. Here you can watch videos as well as upload your videos. If you want to earn money by sharing videos, then YouTube also gives you an opportunity to earn from ‘YouTube Partner Program’.

Let me tell you, to earn money online YouTube Best way. For this you should know how to make videos. You can create a channel on YouTube by choosing your skill or name according to your own. You can create video using your smart phone.

How to create youtube channel?

  • Sign in to YouTube on a computer or mobile site.

  • Go to your channel list.

  • Select the option to create a new channel.

  • Create a channel by clicking Create new channel.

  • Fill in the information to name your new channel.

  • Next, click on the Create button. With this, your new account will be created.

how to earn money from youtube

To earn money from YouTube, you YouTube Partner Program (YPP) You have to be a part of it by applying in put it in simple language google adsense account It is called

tell you, google adsense account Not everyone gets it. For this you have to follow Google’s advertising policy. In addition you google adsense For this, certain prescribed conditions also have to be followed. At present, it is mandatory to have 1000 subscribers on your channel and 4000 hours of watchtime on your videos. Only then you will be able to earn money from youtube.

how to earn money from youtube

  • You can earn from advertising revenue such as display and video ads.

  • Apart from this, you can also earn money from YouTube by subscribing to the channel.

  • You can also earn lakhs of rupees from affiliate link and sponsored link or advertisement of any other companies.

What to do to earn money from YouTube

  • Choose a better Niche for Video

  • After choosing the Niche of Video, you have to create a channel on YouTube.

  • Start Uploading Videos

  • Monetize YouTube Channel

  • When your channel gets monetized, then you start earning money from YouTube.

What are the things needed to make YouTube videos?

  • Camera / Smart phone (Camera / Mobile

  • Voice Recorder MIC

  • LED Light LED Light

  • tripod tripod

  • Video Editing Software Video Editing Device

  • Internet Fast Internet Connection

YouTube videos can be made on these topics

  1. Tech Comedy

  2. Fact Based Video

  3. Fitness / Health Tips

  4. Informational Videos

  5. Tutorials

  6. Travel vlogs

  7. Social Experiments (Prank)

  8. Inspirational Quotes

  9. Lifestyle vlogging

  10. music videos

  11. Business Ideas with examples

  12. dance videos

  13. Career Counseling

  14. Personality Development

  15. Study Materials

  16. Men Fashion Tips

  17. roasted

  18. latest technology

  19. Android Apps Tutorial

  20. Website Development Tutorial

  21. Car Accessories Review

  22. inspirational interview

  23. Money Saving, Tax Saving Tips

  24. stock market

  25. magic tricks

  26. photography tips

  27. video making tips

  28. Product Reviews, Unboxing

  29. Acting Tips

  30. how to anything

  31. Biography

  32. Smartphone hacks

  33. love tips

  34. Pets (Dog, Cat, Rabbit etc.)

  35. gaming

  36. Clothing Collection

  37. Makeup tutorial

  38. hair tutorials

  39. Interior Designing

  40. cooking

  41. shopping tips

  42. Tips & Tricks

  43. astrology

  44. Trends

  45. business

  46. screen-cast

  47. App/Software Tricks

  48. Response video on politics

  49. cartoon comedy video

  50. Art

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