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sing me money earn ka tarika, In today’s time, everyone is migrating from the village to the city in search of employment so that he too can get a good job. But you can earn money even by staying in the village. Many ways to earn money in the village (sing me money earn ka tarika, From which you can earn well. You can start a good business of your own by staying in your village, that too in less cost.

so come on The Rural India in this article of 10 ways to earn money in villagesing me money earn ka tarika, Will tell you by which you can earn lakhs in a month by staying in your village. The best thing is that you will not need any special knowledge or technical knowledge to start this business. Just to start any business, you should have good knowledge of you and your surrounding village. So that it becomes easy to start the business.

So come on The rural India Let’s know in this blog, 10 ways to earn money in village (How to make money at home)

In this article you will know (10 ways to earn money)

  1. dairy business

  2. tree farming

  3. honey farming

  4. Vegetable business

  5. poultry farming

  6. bamboo farming

  7. Aloe Vera farming

  8. flower business

  9. fish farming

  10. clothing business

1. Dairy business

Milk business is the most profitable business. You just need to have cow or buffalo to start this business. If you do not have cow buffalo, then you will easily get a cow for about 30 thousand and buffalo for 50 to 60 thousand, so that you can start your own business. Through this business, you can also make contracts with big companies, which will be beneficial for your business.

2. Tree farming

Often you must have seen in the village that people have a lot of land. If you also have a lot of land, then you can earn good profit after 8 to 10 years by planting precious trees like rosewood, teak in that land. Because these trees are sold very expensive in the market. The most expensive is the teak tree.

3. Honey farming

You can start a good business by spending one to one and a half lakh rupees on beekeeping business. Because there is a high demand for its honey in the market and it is sold very expensive. But to start this business you have to take training first.

4. Vegetable business

You can also earn handsomely by cultivating vegetables on your land. Because the demand for vegetables is high in the market and if you are connected to the city as well, then you can earn good profit by selling your vegetables in the city market as well. You can also take advantage of government schemes in the business of vegetables. Which will help in taking your business forward.

5. Poultry farming

Poultry farming is such a business in which more profits can be earned with less cost. poultry farming (poultry farming) Many types of birds are included in this. But most of all the poultry farming business proves to be profitable. Because there is a high demand for its meat and eggs in the market and if you are connected to the city then you can earn even more profit from it.

poultry farming business A little bit of information is needed to get started. District Krishi Vigyan Kendra gives all information for poultry farming for free. Mudra loan is also given by the government to start this business so that you can start your business easily.

6. bamboo farming

You all must have seen that how beautiful and expensive bamboo products are sold in the market. You can also start your own business by cultivating bamboo on your land. Which will give you huge profits. If you have a little knowledge of the Internet, then you can also earn profit by selling your bamboo products online.

7. Aloe Vera farming

Aloe vera business is very easy and low cost business with high profits. Aloe vera is in high demand in the market. To start this business, you have to cultivate aloe vera in your farm. In which by spending at least 10 thousand rupees, you can start this business by planting about 2500 plants. You can extract gel from their plants and sell them in the market at a good price.

Let us tell you that nowadays you will find aloe vera water in all the houses.

8. Flower business

Flower business is a good and profitable business. Often all of you must have seen that people need flowers for wedding decoration and many religious festivals. Good and fresh flowers are in great demand in the market.

To start this business, you have to cultivate flowers on your land. Cultivation of sunflower, rose, marigold is very beneficial. Because people buy them the most.

9. Fish farming

Fish farming business is such a business in which good profits can be earned by selling fishes in the market. It is very easy to start this business. In this business you will need rivers, lakes and sea so that you can catch fish.

According to a survey, about 60 percent of people in India consume fish.

10. Clothing business

Clothing business is such a business that people like a lot because it can earn more in less cost. This business is very profitable considering the increasing demand of fancy dresses in the market today.

clothing business You can earn profits by starting even at a small level first and then increase it later. For this, you must have a shop of your own at a good place or you can take the shop on rent as well.

it was 10 easy ways to earn money in village The matter of but, The Rural India But you will also get many important information on issues like agriculture and mechanization, government planning and rural development. blogs Will meet, by reading which you can increase your knowledge and also inspire others to read them.

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