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How to identify real and fake milk? Learn here how to identify fake fertilizers, identify adulterated milk, synthetic milk – The Rural India

Fake and real milk: Many times cattle rearers mix water in milk to get more profit. Mixing water in milk does not have any bad effect on our health but apart from water these days there are reports of adulteration of some harmful substances in milk. These include urea, soap, detergent, soda, starch, etc.

Fake i.e. synthetic milk These substances added to it are very harmful for our health. Consumption of adulterated milk puts us at risk of heart disease, kidney disease, skin disease, cancer, etc. Apart from this, bones can also become weak. To avoid these problems we all Differentiate between real and fake milk It is very important to have

How to identify fake milk? (how to differentiate between real milk)

  • Fill milk in a bottle and shake it for some time. When detergent is added to milk, froth will form in it. If the foam remains for a long time, it definitely means that detergent has been mixed in it.

  • When soap is added to milk, it gives a different kind of fragrance. Real milk does not smell like soap.

  • Milk mixed with soap or detergent feels greasy when rubbed with hands.

  • When fake milk is kept for a long time or boiled, its color turns yellow. Whereas the color of real milk does not change.

  • Due to presence of urea in spurious milk, the color of milk becomes dark yellow.

  • Fake milk tastes slightly bitter due to adulteration. In contrast, real milk is mildly sweet.

  • Mix turmeric in milk and boil it. Real milk turns yellow by adding turmeric. Whereas on mixing turmeric in adulterated milk, it becomes slightly red.

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