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How to make Pan Card: If you are over the age of 18, you PAN card It should definitely be made. PAN card is an identity card which is used for all transactions. In this, all the taxes related to the applicant are recorded. It is mostly used for financial documents. Full form of PAN There is a permanent account number.

let me tell you first PAN card 100 -200 rupees had to be spent to make it. And also had to wait for one to one and a half months. But on May 28, 2020, by issuing this press release on behalf of the Ministry of Finance, it has been informed that how you can do your business in less than 5 minutes while sitting at home. pan card You can make it yourself.

So come, in this blog of The Rural India How to make PAN card (pan card kaise banay, benefits of PAN card) Learn about in detail.

In this blog you will know-

  • Why pan card is necessary

  • pan card types

  • Benefits of PAN Card

  • how to apply for pan card online

  • How to download pan card (pan card download kaise kare)

  • what to do if pan card is lost

Why pan card is necessary (why pan card is necessary)

  • If you have to deposit more than 50,000 in bank or post office. So for that also PAN card is mandatory.

  • You will also need a PAN card to buy a vehicle.

  • PAN card is required to open a new account in the bank.

  • If you pay more than 25000 anywhere then PAN card is required.

  • Apart from this, even if you invest in the stock market, you will need a PAN card.

  • PAN card is required to invest in mutual funds as well.

Types of pan card

  • pan card for common man

  • pan card for foreign companies

  • Firm/Company PAN Card

  • Trust/Society PAN Card

Benefits of pan card

  • PAN card is valid everywhere.

  • You can give PAN card as your ID proof anywhere.

  • Problems and disturbances in income tax can be avoided with PAN card.

  • If there is any problem by going to the bank, then all the records can be typed from the PAN card.

how to apply for pan card online

online pan card application To do this, your Aadhaar card should be linked to the mobile number.

income tax website You can apply for PAN card by visiting. Whose process is something like this-

  • First of all, go to Google and search Income Tax.

  • Income tax Open the link.

  • instant pan through aadhaar Click on the option.

  • you have to apply for aadhaar then you get new pen Click on

  • After this you have to enter your Aadhaar card number and captcha.

  • After that read the instruction given in the check box and tick it.

  • anymore Generate Aadhaar OTP Click on

  • After verifying the Aadhaar OTP, click on the check box.

  • anymore Validate Aadhaar OTP and Continue Click on

  • After this all your information will be taken from your Aadhaar card.

  • After this, confirm whatever you are asked by ticking the check box.

  • afterwards Submit PAN Request Click.

  • after that you have a acknowledgment number will get.

  • by which your pan card download Can also check PAN card status.

How to download pan card (pan card download kaise kare)

  • Again you have to go to the Income Tax website.

  • Click on Instant PAN through Aadhaar.

  • Submit by entering the Aadhaar card number and captcha.

  • After that verify OTP.

  • After that you will see that you will see two options. First that your PAN card request has been successfully processed. Second download pane.

  • You can download your PAN card by clicking on Download PAN.

  • After downloading the PAN card, you will have to enter the password to view it. Which will also be your date of birth.

What to do if PAN card is lost?

If for some reason your PAN card is lost then you do not have to worry about it. You can apply for duplicate PAN card both online and offline. For this you have to go to the Income Tax website. And apply for duplicate PAN.

You can submit the form offline also. Your within 45 days of application duplicate pan card Will be sent to the given address.

It was how to make pan card And Benefits of PAN Card The matter of If you want information about agriculture, mechanization, government scheme, business idea and rural development in this way, then definitely read other articles of this website and share it for others to read as well.

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