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Car Driving School Business: Nowadays, be it children or adults, everyone is very fond of driving. Those who are still riding bikes are fond of driving cars. Those who are still driving cars, feel like driving big vehicles. In such a situation, there are two options for learning to drive. First- Those who already have trained people in their homes, they themselves teach. Second- Those who do not already have a car or driver at home, then they driving School have to resort to

Looking at the craze of driving nowadays Car Driving School Business a trending business Is. This business runs a lot in the cities, but nowadays even the villages are not far behind. If you know how to drive and are looking for a job driving school business can start.

So come on The Rural India Learn in this blog of- How to open a driving school? And the process of opening a driving school (How to open driving school in hindi?)

In this blog you will learn-

  • how to start driving school business

  • place for driving school

  • name driving school

  • Registration and license for driving school

  • driving school eligibility

  • How to promote driving school

  • how to hire staff

  • Cost and Earning in Driving School Business

How to start a driving school business

tell you that driving school business There is such a business in which you have to invest capital only once, then you have to earn profit again and again. If you already have a car, that’s great. Otherwise, you will have to buy the vehicles that you know how to drive. After that by choosing the location driving School Have to open, where people can know you. After that you have to register your driving school.

place for driving school

You do not need a huge space for a driving school. Because you have to learn to drive on the road only. You need space for an office and some parking. If you want, you can rent the place. Apart from this, if your house is on the road and space is available, then you can easily open a driving school. Keep in mind that the office for driving school should be opened on the road only. So that it can be seen by as many people as possible.

how to name driving school

If you have opened your driving school then you can name your driving school. So that people understand that this is a driving school. Driving is taught here. If you do not name your driving school. So you will have problem in getting the registration done.

Registration and license for driving school

To open a driving school, first you have to register your school. Also the vehicle you want to teach. You must also have a license to teach those vehicles. If you work without a license then this work will be considered illegal.

to start driving school The Motor Vehicle Act 1988 Registration will also have to be done under You can also apply online for this if you want.

driving school eligibility

  • you must have your own equipment

  • Must be over 18 years old to learn driving

  • Your driving school should be registered

  • You must have your own driving license

  • Along with teaching your student driving, you should also tell about all the rules

  • Always have a first aid box in your car

How to promote driving school

You cannot go around promoting a driving school. If you want, you can give visiting cards to the people who come to you. And you can ask your relatives to tell them. Apart from this, if you want, you can also tell people through posts on social media platforms that you have opened a driving school.

how to hire staff

If you start this business with a vehicle, then you can handle this work alone. But later if you want to grow the business with your profits. So for this you have to keep people along with 2-3 vehicles. You cannot handle two-three vehicles single-handedly. Apart from this, a person will have to be kept permanent in his office so that no customer goes back. To teach driving, keep such people who know driving very well so that no learner gets hurt.

Cost in Driving School Business

if you driving School (Driving School Business) If you want to open, then you have to invest a huge amount only once. Only to buy vehicles, after that you have to bear the cost of getting diesel and petrol. Apart from this, sometimes money has to be invested in the maintenance of the vehicle. So to buy a car, you can buy a car according to your choice.

Profit in driving school business

If we talk about profit from driving school, then you can charge a fee of around 3500 to 5000 from a learner. In this way, if you teach driving to even 10 people, then you can earn from 35 thousand to 50 thousand rupees in a month.

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