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Pottery Shop: there will be no home where pots Do not be Be it steel or glass or brass. Without Utensil It is not possible to do anything in K’s house. Be it drinking water or cooking. Whether he is very rich or very poor. in everyone’s routine utensil use it happens.

If you also want to be self employed. so you Utensil Shop (Bartan Ki Dukan)) can earn a living by opening profits.

So come on The Rural India Learn in this business blog of- How to open a utensil shop? (How to open the shop of utensils)

In this blog you will know-

  • how to start utensil business

  • Choosing a place to open a kitchenware shop

  • how to name utensil shop

  • type of vessel

  • where to buy pots in bulk

  • how to keep utensils in the shop

  • Registration to open kitchenware shop

  • people to work in the pottery shop

  • utensils business cost

  • Profit in utensil business

How to start utensil business (Bartan Ki Dukan Kaise Khole)

You should plan well before starting any business. Where do you want to open this shop? What kind of stuff to keep. How much capital do you have? Start business accordingly. So that you do not need to take loan from anyone too much and do not face any kind of problem.

Selection of place for utensil shop

pottery shop You can open it anywhere, be it a village or a city. Everyone everywhere needs utensils. Keep in mind that the shop should be opened at such a place where people come and go.

As- You can start a utensil shop by taking a space as much as a room on the street of your village. Apart from this, you can earn money by opening a utensil shop even in a crowded market.

pottery shop name

if you live in a small village Utensils shop If you are opening then people there will know you by your behavior and your name only. But if you are in a market utensil business are doing. So for this you should name your shop. So that people can reach there by the name of your shop. If you want, you can name your utensil shop after the name of any member of your household or by any name of your choice.

type of pot

By the way, you must have seen many types of utensils in the market, in the same way you should also think that you want to keep someone’s utensils. Well you can keep many types of utensils.


  • steel vessel

  • porcelain

  • fiber pot brass pot

  • aluminum utensils

where to buy pots in bulk

If you want to open a small utensil shop, then you can buy and sell utensils from any wholesaler. But if you want to open a big utensil shop, then for this you have to find out where there is a big utensil factory. There you will find utensils at very affordable prices. Like- Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad etc.

Apart from this, if you want, you can contact any utensil factory and get the utensil directly. From there you will get better utensils for even less price.

how to keep utensils in the shop

Whether it is a matter of utensils or of any item, if you have opened a shop, then it should be kept decorated. This gives you two benefits – one, you like to see your customers, so people like to come. In addition you Utensil Keeping it decorated will also make it easier to find utensils. This will also save your time.

Registration to open utensil shop

if you are on a small scale utensil business If you do then you do not need any kind of license nor registration. But if you want to open a big utensil shop then all you have to do is GST registration Will have to get it done. For this you can contact someone close to you. GST Seva Kendra You can go and get it done.

people to work in the pottery shop

If your shop is small, you feel that you can do everything alone, then you do not need to hire anyone. If you want, you can take the help of your family members. But if your shop is big and there is no one working in your house, then you can hire one or two people for this. Your work will be done in this.

cost of opening a pottery shop

cost in grocery store It’s up to you to apply. Because it is not necessary that you keep too many utensils in the beginning. You can start a business by bringing as many utensils as you have capital. After this, you can increase your business with the profit from it.

Profit in utensil businessprofit in pottery business

Utensils are such an important thing in our life. That if you do utensil business then you should not think about profit for it. Because whether the shop is small or big, you will definitely get profit. Although the competition is a bit high in this business. If you keep good designer utensils then you will get good profits.

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