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How to do home based business: if you Village Live in and want to earn or do business by staying in the village, then for you too Many ways to do business from home Huh. In today’s time it does not matter whether you live in a city or a village. business ideas Must come.

So come on The Rural India In this article of How to do business sitting at home (Ghar baithe business kaise kare)learn.

So come on The Rural India Learn in this article from the business blog of ways to earn money in village (How to earn money in village)

10 ways to earn money in the village (Village Me Paise Kaise Kamaye)

  1. coaching center

  2. mini bank

  3. poultry

  4. goat farming

  5. Fertilizer and Seed Store

  6. tent business

  7. milk business

  8. Vegetable and fruit business

  9. medical store

  10. general store

coaching center

If you are an educated unemployed youth, then you must open a coaching center in your village. Because these days awareness about education is coming in every village. Everyone wants to teach their children. The level of education in the village is still far behind. You coaching center You can open it and teach it to the children of your village. With this your village will be number 1 in studies and you will get a good employment in the village itself.

Mini Bank or CSC Center

There is no shortage of banks in the cities of India but there is a huge shortage of banks in the villages. For this, the government has given unemployed educated youth to CSC center and mini bank Granting license to open If you want to do business by staying in your village, contact the banks today itself. If there is a lack of bank in your village, then you will definitely get the license of mini bank.

poultry business

If you are not very educated and want to do employment by staying in the village instead of going to the city. So poultry This can be a great business for you. Let us tell you, in the last years the consumption of meat has increased rapidly in India too. Meat trade is one of the most successful businesses. It does not require much study. from your farm or home poultry farming can do. For this, it may cost you 50 thousand to 1 lakh in the initial phase. With this you can earn 50 thousand per month.

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goat farming

If your village is in a remote area and you do not see any business idea in the village, then start goat farming business from today. You do not need to be a graduate or educated for this. you from your home goat farming can start. There are many benefits of goat farming in village, here you will get sufficient quantity of fodder for goats.

There will be no need to go to the city to sell goats. Your goods will be sold from home, because the demand for goat meat is highest in India. Apart from this, along with employment, you will also get fertilizer for the fields and protein-rich milk to drink.

fertilizer and seed stores

Agriculture is the occupation of most of the people in the village. Farmers have many needs in agriculture. For example, manure, seed, medicine, fertilizer etc. For this, you can open fertilizer and seed stores in your village itself. Now the government has also removed the obligation of BAC Agriculture to open seed and fertilizer shops. Now you can easily apply fertilizers and pesticides in your village itself. seed store can open. For this you will have to spend from 50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees. With this you can easily earn 10-20 thousand rupees per month.

Tent house business

Most of the marriages in the village take place at home. There is not much practice of marriage-houses and lodges. People prefer to do marriages from their homes. For this, tents and awnings are required. If you have a budget of Rs 2-5 lakh, then tent business can do. In the season of weddings, you can easily earn 1-2 lakh rupees from this. You can easily earn 10-20 thousand rupees from this even in off season.

Milk Business (Dairy Farm)

There is a lot of demand for milk everywhere, be it village or city. Milk is supplied to the cities from the villages only. It is very easy to do dairy business in the village. Because you get enough space in the village and feed for the animals. in the village dairy By opening it, you can supply milk, curd, buttermilk, paneer, khova to the cities.

You can start a dairy farm with 5-10 cows. If the business goes well, we will arrange for 10-50 cows later with great ease.

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Vegetable and fruit business

Vegetables and fruits are not grown in cities but in villages. For this, you can prepare a form for the cultivation of vegetables and fruits in your farm. This will give you two benefits. One, you will get fruits and vegetables for yourself, and secondly, you will also get employment from this.

You can make your customers in cities for selling vegetables and fruits. Vegetables and fruits can be made available to them there on a daily basis. Apart from this, you can take fruits and vegetables from other farmers and supply them in the cities.

Medical store

Even today, adequate hospital and medical facilities are not available in the village. People have to depend on cities for minor ailments and medicines. If you have studied Pharmacist, then instead of cities, you can open a medical store by staying in the village itself. With this you can earn well in the village itself.

General Store

General store is a very old business. When there is no employment in the village, people easily open it. This is a business that is needed by everyone. If there is no general store in your village, you can fulfill their needs by opening a general store. In the general store, you can keep everything from clothes, food items, utensils and other daily consumption items.

in addition also ways to earn money in villagehow to earn money in village Through which you can earn money sitting at home, such as tea shop, sweet shop, car repairing shop, clothes and shoes shop. In this way you can easily earn around 50-60 thousand rupees every month from these business.

This was it, living in the village Some ways to earn money sitting at home, Apart from this, you can also do many types of activities sitting at home. Business can do.

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