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How to do clothing business: most important human need bread, clothes And House, Apart from these three man cannot even imagine his life. Today in this fashion era everyone needs clothes. Now people are getting good opportunities to improve their life style. stylish clothes is needed.

If you are also looking for a business clothing business You can start earning well.

So come, today we are in this blog How to start clothing business? (How to do clothing business) Learn.

In this blog you will learn-

  • how to start a clothing business

  • clothing business types

  • Shop location selection and marketing research

  • How to spread the news of your shop to the people

  • point of view in business

  • What else can be done to increase the business

  • Get GST registration done or not

  • clothing business cost

  • profit in clothing business

How to start a clothing business (kapde ka business kaise kare)

clothing business (clothing business) Getting started is not a difficult task. But you should have good knowledge about the clothes which are trending in this fashion era. After this you should think about what kind of clothing business you want to do. Keep or sew clothes as they are. you like clothing business can start. There are many types of clothes, so first of all you should have a good knowledge about the type of clothes.

Clothing business types

  • readymade garments business

  • readymade and non readymade

  • police station clothing business

  • Only women’s clothing business

  • readymade garments for women and children

  • Collection of some toys with only children’s clothes

Shop location and marketing research

  • Always try to open a clothes shop in a good market. If you want, you can open a boutique and sell clothes by stitching them yourself.

  • How is your shop located? What kind of people frequent there? Keep clothes in the same way in your shop.

  • If you want, you can also become a wholesaler by increasing the business on a large scale and you can also earn money by selling clothes to small shopkeepers.

How to spread the news of your shop to the people

The best way to deliver anything to the customer Advertisement And Publicity, In this case, you should distribute the template before the opening of your shop. Also give advertisements in some newspapers so that more people of the city become familiar with the name of your shop.

Things to pay attention to in the business of clothes (clothes business ideas in hindi)

  • It should be seen that what kind of place your shop is in, keep that kind of clothes.

  • If you have opened a shop in the village, then keep only cheap and good clothes. Because most of the people of the village are concerned with the strength of the cloth and not with the cost of the cloth.

  • Keep branded clothes only if your shop is in the city.

  • Treat your customer with the utmost respect.

  • Feed your customers with sweets occasionally during festivals like Diwali etc.

  • Also keep some offers at the time of festival.

What else can be done to increase the business

If you know someone who is looking for employment. They are useful for sewing, so you can keep them for altering if there is space in your shop or somewhere around the shop. Apart from this, if a woman does sewing, then you can also keep her. It will be beneficial for you only when you sell women’s sarees, lehengas etc. It is possible that people will buy clothes from your shop and also get the blouse stitched from your own tailor.

Get GST registration done or not

If you do your shop on a large scale, then you will have to get GST registered in the name of the shop. If your shop is running on a small scale then you do not need a license. Before you get GST registration GST Seva Kendra Go to for complete details. After that, you can get the service of GST from there itself.

clothing business cost

Nowadays the competition in the matter of clothes has increased a lot. You may or may not see a shop for anything, but a cloth shop will definitely be seen in every street, even a small one. If you also want to set up shop on a large scale, then you will have to spend 3 to 4 lakhs. If you are opening your shop in the village, then you will not need a lot of money for this. If you want, you can start selling clothes from a room on the road of your village and start your business by bringing clothes worth 30 thousand to 50 thousand.

profit in clothing business

If we talk about profit in the business of clothes, then very soon you will not get much profit in it. But gradually if your market starts getting good then you can earn lakhs. For this, try to fill all the profits you get from the initial 6 months to 1 year by bringing clothes in your shop. So that your shop is always green and updated with new collections. Seeing which more and more people will come to your shop. Similarly, your profit will also increase. In this way you will see that only after 6 months you will start earning 20 to 30 thousand rupees every month.

help from the government

If you want to start a clothing business Mudra Loan Can also take In Mudra loan, you can take any one of the three types of loan according to your business.

  1. Loan up to 50 thousand is available in Shishu loan.

  2. Loans ranging from 50 thousand to 5 lakh are available in Kishor loan.

  3. Business loans from 5 lakh to 10 lakh are available in Tarun Loan.

If you have done any job or job before this, then also from your savings money. clothing business (clothing business) can start.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question- How to start the business of clothes?

Answer- To start a clothing business, first do market research. For this, it is very important to understand both the market and the customer. Initially start a clothing business with a low cost. After gaining experience, you can invest more money.

Question- How much money will it take to open a clothes shop?

Answer- It will cost 1 to 2 lakh rupees to open a small cloth shop. More money will be needed to open the shop on a large scale.

Question- Where do you get the cheapest cloth?

Answer- The cheapest fabric you will find in factory or wholesale. For this you can go to the market of Surat.

Question- How much profit is made in the business of clothes?

Answer- There is a profit of 30 to 40 thousand rupees in small scale clothing business. If your business is of a large scale, then the profit can increase significantly.

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