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dairy farming in hindi: To enhance the livelihood of farmers in India and link them to farming as well as businesses related to food processing and dairy products Self-reliant India campaign is being run.

Under this campaign, a target has been set to double the income of the farmers. Although farmer brothers do not need to go far to earn double income, but with smart working in their farming, they can earn good profit. One of these works of smart working is Animal husbandry and dairy farming.

Dairy farming business can give good income to the farmers along with farming. For this you can open dairy farm of cow-buffalo in animal husbandry. for dairy farm success animal husbandry information ,dairy farming in hindi It is very important to have

So come on The Rural India in this blog of How to start dairy farm? Learn.

Dairy farming is a profitable deal

Yes, not only in India but dairy farm is spreading its foot all over the country, in which farmers can earn good profit through cow-buffalo rearing. It is evident that the business of cow and buffalo rearing has been progressing in India since ancient times. In the past, animal husbandry was just a hobby, but with a little understanding, knowledge and planning, dairy business If you step in, today it can prove to be a profitable deal.

If you also want to start dairy farming, then start this work with cow or buffalo rearing. Because by rearing cows and buffaloes, you not only get good production of milk from it, along with the stubble left after the harvest in the field and fodder is also arranged from the crop itself. This not only provides nutrition to the animals, but also ensures the management of crop residues.

How to start dairy farming

Farmer brothers who are looking for the possibility of profit through animal husbandry should rear only good breeds of cow or buffalo. Apart from this, attention to the nuances related to the care and maintenance of animals is also very important for the health of the animals and the production of good quality milk.

Training is necessary before opening a dairy

If you want to start dairy farming, then it is very important to keep many nuances in mind from the beginning. It is necessary to take training to keep in mind the nuances related to animal husbandry. There are many institutions recognized by the Government of India that teach you everything related to animal health, nutrition and maintenance in animal husbandry training. Your age does not matter for training in these institutes, what matters is your passion and passion to learn.

choose the right breed

If we talk about animal husbandry sector in India, then 32 breeds of cow and 3 milch breeds of buffalo are found. Sahiwal, Gir, Tharparkar and Jersey are famous breeds of cows, while milch breeds of buffaloes are Murra, Mehsana and Surti. Most of these breeds are found in Punjab and Haryana.

Dairy breed of cow and Murrah breed of buffalo are considered important for milk production. Often cattle herders are not aware of the breeds, due to which they are not able to earn much profit in the field of animal husbandry. To start small scale dairy business, 5-10 cows or buffaloes can be reared according to the budget. At the same time, the number of animals can also be increased if the profit in the animal husbandry business increases.

Pay special attention to housing management

Before opening a dairy farm, select a suitable location. Open a dairy at a place where there is proper arrangement of air, water, electricity, fodder. Open a dairy away from the city where the environment is not noisy.

If your housing system is comfortable and comfortable for the animals, then milk production will definitely increase.

how to start dairy farm

Take special care of these things for the care of animals

Often, many problems arise in animal husbandry due to the carelessness of animal parents.

Let us know what are the things that the cattle rearers should keep in mind while opening a dairy farm, so that there is no loss in the animal husbandry business and the quality and productivity of milk is not affected.

  • Sometimes animals have to deal with health problems, which can have a direct impact on the quality of milk. That’s why take special care of every small and big change related to the health of cows and buffaloes.

  • Make arrangements for a special place for animals to live and sleep. Keep cows and buffaloes away from closed places, close to air and open environment, so that there is contact between them and the environment.

  • Keep animals safe from extreme heat and extreme cold weather. Keep consulting the doctor especially during the rainy season to protect them from foot and mouth disease.

  • Make arrangements for cleanliness at the place where animals live, so that the problem of pests and diseases does not arise. Also collect their dung at a separate place away from the animal enclosure.

  • It is also necessary for animal parents to have knowledge of animal diseases and medicines, due to which the problem can be identified in time and timely treatment is possible. Apart from this, keep in touch with the veterinarians from time to time.

Keep these 10 things in mind to make animal husbandry business successful

  1. Do not keep animals in waterlogged places.
  2. Keep animals on dry soil or dry floor.
  3. Get vaccinated on time and carefully.
  4. In case of illness, contact a veterinarian immediately.
  5. Give food on time and in proper quantity.
  6. Buy new cattle healthy and milky.
  7. Give deworming medicine on time.
  8. If there are external parasites, apply medicine soon.
  9. Keep the animal, enclosure floor, roof clean.
  10. Do not keep any kind of filth around the animals.

feed nutritious food to animals

Nutrition and diet have an important place in the life of animals, the quality of milk depends on their nutrition. That’s why animal parents should keep in mind that only clean and nutritious food should be fed to the animals. Feed animal feed to the animals at the fixed time, in which fodder can be given daily in the morning and evening by mixing fodder in the cake. Apart from this, Barseem, Jowar and Bajra are also included in the list of best animal feeds, which improve the quality of milk. To increase the quantity of milk, make sure to use cottonseed in animal feed. Cow and buffalo require at least 30 liters of water in a day. That’s why along with animal feed, keep getting the animals to consume water from time to time.

Loan for dairy farming

Government of India has implemented schemes to improve animal husbandry and dairy business. If you have also made up your mind to join the business of animal husbandry, then you can take loan for dairy farm from many government and non-government organizations.

For this, you just have to submit some of your documents like- NOC, Dairy Farm Plan, Electricity Bill, Aadhaar Card, Latest Photo of Dairy etc. The officials will verify you and if the authority is satisfied then you can get a loan of up to 5-10 lakhs.

There are many features of loan in animal husbandry and dairy business, such as- you have to deposit the loan amount not at once but in installments, apart from this many installments are also waived off under government schemes.

So you must have known that cow and buffalo means dairy farming How many benefits do you get from If we keep moving forward with just a few precautions, then we will be able to ensure our name in the field of animal husbandry and also the facilities for the animals.

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