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Dj business plan in hindi: Be it a village or a city, wherever there is an atmosphere of happiness, people first DJ Let’s order. DJ is a great source of entertainment. Like bringing a DJ is an omen. for the last few years DJ The trend has increased even more. If You Are Interested In Music Are You Interested In Dj Composing Then For You Dj service business It is a profitable business.

Dj service business You can also guess the benefits in this way. As we all go somewhere, we may or may not find something there, but DJs and dance floors are definitely seen. So if you also give good DJ service to the people, then there can be a lot of profit.

so come on The Rural India Let’s know in this blog, Complete information about DJ service

  • DJ demand

  • DJ service accessories

  • How to start DJ business

  • plan to start a business

  • How many people and vehicles will be required for the job

  • License and Registration for DJ Service

  • How to do marketing of Dj

  • DJ service cost

  • Earning from DJ

DJ Demand (DJ Business Idea)

Earlier there was a demand for DJ only in the city. But now gradually it has become a common thing to bring DJ on every auspicious program even in small villages. people everywhere DJ has become a popular form of entertainment. If there is no DJ in the auspicious program or marriage ceremony, the ceremony itself seems like a hearsay. In this way DJ has established its supremacy in the market.

tell you that dj demand Marriage does not remain only in marriage, but also happens in many other places. As-

  • birthday

  • wedding ceremony

  • satsang or story reading

  • religious procession

  • live event

DJ service accessories

  • CD player

  • laptop

  • channel master

  • sound box

  • park light

  • dj mixer

  • mike

  • cable

  • amplifier

  • dance floor

how to start dj service business

Whether it is a DJ business or anything else, before starting any work, complete information about that work should be taken. If you do not do this, then you may also suffer financial loss. To get information about DJ service, you should work with a DJ expert for a few months. If you’ve done the work before, that’s great. You can start your business but if you haven’t done it, then after working for some time, if you feel that you are ready to start your work. So you can leave work from there and start your own business.

Planning for DJ Sound Service Business

After getting the experience of any work, you need to take care of some important things before starting the work. Like, how much money do you have to start a business, what is the category of your target customers. How do you want to provide your service? How can you do marketing? The most important thing is the arrangement of space to keep the goods. After making all these arrangements, you can proceed comfortably in your DJ business plan.

How many people and vehicle required for work

tell you that DJ Sound Service Business You won’t be able to do it alone. Because the bigger the booking you take, the more stuff you have to carry there. So for this you have to keep 5 to 6 people. Because the work of bringing and carrying goods is not in the capacity of few people. Even then it cannot be done alone

Apart from this, the bigger the booking, the more it will cost, so take the bigger booking as per your budget. Along with this, you will also need a trolley cart to keep the DJ equipment.

License and Registration for DJ Service

If you have a tent house and keep one or two DJs, then you will not need registration and license for this. But if you want to provide DJ service to people on a large scale, then you will need some registration for this. For registration you have to take permission from the local authority.

Many times it happens that customers trust people more whose business is registered. In addition you GST registration Will also have to get it done. Now if you want, you can also get your goods insured. So that when the goods get damaged or lost somewhere, you can get your money back.

How to market DJ sound service

Marketing is the most important thing in any business. Because your profit depends on your marketing. Now let us tell you that first of all keep a good name of your DJ in this business. Which attract people and easily remember people. After that you keep in touch with the tent houses, hotels and catering people around you. So that you can get maximum bookings.

Apart from this, you can share the photo video of your DJ service by creating your account on all social media platforms. So that more and more people can know you that you are also a dj wale babu Are. In such a situation, you can take your business forward in a very short time.

investment in dj service

If now on the big level DJ Sound Service Business

If you want to do this, you will need a lot of capital. You will need about 5 to 6 lakhs only to buy all these items. After that you have to spend money to pay salaries to people and also to maintain everything. So if you want to start DJ service, then make arrangements for a lot of money.

Earning in DJ service

If you are giving DJ service to people on a big level, then your earnings will be bumper. Because day by day the craze of DJ is increasing among people. Many times people want other things apart from DJ like fire splasher, smoke machine etc. then you can charge separately for that.

By the way, most of the DJs keep booking charges from 6,000 to 25,000 rupees. You can take money from your customer according to their demand. If suppose you keep your booking charge 10,000 and your DJ is booked for 15 days in 1 month. even so you 1.5 lakh rupees Can earn comfortably till. Here your work depends on what kind of DJ you play. How do you deal with people?

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