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Footwear business in Hindi (Footwear business plan): Nowadays, in the era of fashion, women like to have footwear that matches their clothes. Men are also no less in this matter. Men are also fond of buying branded footwear. If you are also looking for a job Footwear business Can be a good business option for you.

tell you, footwear business It is trending a lot due to rising fashion. You must have seen two or four shoe and sandal shops on the streets or in any market.

So come on The Rural India Learn in this blog of- How to open a footwear shop? (how to start footwear business in hindi)

In this blog you will learn-

  • Scope in footwear business

  • how to start footwear business

  • Selection of place for footwear shop

  • Registration and License for Footwear Business

  • what kind of collections to keep

  • keep which brand collection

  • how to name the shop

  • how to keep the interior

  • how to marketing

  • footwear business cost

  • profit in footwear business

footwear Scope in Footwear Business

nowadays clothes and footwear The sale of is so much that there is no need to find scope in it. If you start this business then you will earn well. If you want, you can also buy and sell wholesale shoes and slippers. Apart from this, you can become a supplier yourself. For example, you can bring goods in bulk and sell them to footwear traders. If you do this work on a large scale, then you can become a wholesaler or distributor on your own.

How to open a footwear shop? (how to start footwear business)

You can start this business anywhere, be it a village or a city. Because people everywhere use slippers and shoes. If you want, you can do it on a small scale in the village. Like from a big shop owner who sells slippers and shoes at wholesale price. You can sell slippers and shoes from them and earn money. If you do the same work in the city, then contact a good supplier. And you can buy goods in bulk and sell them in your shop.

Selection of place for footwear shop

if you are in the village footwear business plan want to do So by looking at a place as big as a room on the road around your village, you can open a sandal shoe shop. Seeing your increasing income, you can make your shop bigger. There is no pressure on you for this. You can do this work according to you.

If you want to open a footwear shop in the city, then keep in mind that open a footwear shop only in a crowded market. Because there will be more people coming and going in the market, then more people will pay attention to the showcase of your collection. If there is a good collection, then people will come to you to buy footwear, due to which you will earn well.

Registration and License for Footwear Business

If you do this business for your livelihood by buying a few slippers. So you do not need to do any kind of registration. but if you own shoe store If you want to open, then for this you will also have to get GST registration done. Along with this, one person business will also have to be registered.

what kind of collections to keep




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Which brand footwear to keep

If you want, you can also keep the local brand. Think this by looking at the customers living around you. Because if you keep big brands in the village then its sales will not be much in the village. Because people in the village do not like to buy very expensive shoes and slippers. Yes if you want to do this business as a branded footwear shop in the city. So can do and can earn good money too.

how to name footwear shop

If you are opening a footwear shop anywhere in the market, then keep in mind that before opening the shop, think of a good name with you. You can name your footwear shop either by your name or by the name of any member of your household. Then get the registration done in the name of the shop itself.

How to keep the interior of the shop

If you have done this business on a small scale or somewhere in the village, then you do not need to spend money for the interior. But if you are doing this business somewhere in the market, then you should keep that kind of interior as well. Which is good for your customers to see. Let people get attracted by your interior and collection.

How to do shop marketing

There is a glut of footwear in the market. But if you also want to make a place in it, then you will have to make some effort for this. If you are doing this business on a small scale, then bring only a few items and sell them. But keep it a little similar according to today’s fashion. Which people like quickly and sell quickly. After that increase the collection from your profit only. In view of your growing marketing, you can also keep goods in stock. If you have the same stock, you can make money by selling it to small traders. You can earn money by selling in the shop by yourself. Also if you want Flipkart, Amazon And meesho app But by registering your shop, you can do good marketing.

Cost in Footwear Business (cost in footwear business

If you are doing this business on a small scale then you do not need to invest a lot. Whatever you want, according to your need or your customers, sell as much as you want. He brought goods accordingly and after selling, brought more goods with his profit money. If you are opening a big shop, then you will have to bring goods according to fashion and fill them in your shop. For this you will have to spend three to four lakhs.

Profit in footwear businessprofit in footwear business

Nowadays, in the era of fashion, you must have seen the footwear collection of people. It is common for a person in a house to have about 5-6 pairs of footwear collection. So from this you can guess how profitable the footwear business can prove to be. This business is never a loss making business. But for this you should always be updated according to fashion. You can easily earn 30 to 50 thousand rupees from small level footwear business.

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