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Panipuri business: golgappas…. Golgappe It is common for mouth to water on hearing the name of. It is known by different names in different cities of India. As- Pani Puri, Pani Batasha, Golgappas, Fulki, Phuchka Etcetera.

Golgappa (panipuri) There is such a thing in front of which even the most expensive food items pale in comparison. People of every class like to eat Golgappa. There is a line in Golgappa shops to eat it. No one can refuse quickly in the name of eating golgappas, be it children or women.

If you are looking for a job or looking for employment to earn a living, then you can make good income from Pani Puri business. Even if you live in the village and you are not getting any employment in the village then you can go to the city. Panipuri business Can be done easily at low cost.

So come, let us know in this blog, How to start panipuri business

you will learn in this blog

  • How to start Golgappa business

  • Raw material used in Golgappa

  • Golgappa Recipe

  • used machines

  • Pani Puri business cost

  • In how much time the machine can make Pani Puri

  • Marketing and Packaging

  • Profit in Golgappa business

How to start Golgappa business

In this rising inflation, if you are also looking for work to run your home, then you golgappa business You can definitely think about doing it, if you want, you can start very comfortably from your village with very little investment.

If you want to start Golgappa business, then you can make it from your home and sell it in the market or streets of your village. Apart from this, if you are in the city, then you will do Golgappa business anywhere, then it will only benefit you, but keep in mind that start the business only in a little crowded place, like a college school or court or colony around some scenic place. Near where there is equal movement of people.

Besides you go to the city Panipuri business If you want to do it, you can easily do it even in the city. You may have to spend some more money for this. Such as the cost of living, the cost of registration in the Municipal Corporation, etc. But you can earn more in the city than in the village. Because you get more pani puri eaters in the city.

Let me tell you, the special thing about Golgappa is that there is no such brand. If you are an expert in making golgappas, then you can make it a hit in the market with a special brand.

Raw material used in Golgappa

Things used to make Golgappa water

  • Tamarind

  • Chilly

  • Black Salt

  • lemons

  • Asafoetida

  • Coriander

If you want to keep many types of water with your Golgappa, then you can also keep things according to your own like

for mint water

  • Peppermint

  • Coriander

yogurt for water

for asafoetida water

Apart from this, if you want to keep any special water for your Golgappa, then you can also keep your secret spice.

Golgappa Recipe

The most important thing to keep in mind while making golgappas is to add water slowly. During this, both flour and water keep mixing in one. When the dough is well mixed, keep it covered with a slightly wet cloth for some time. Keep in mind that the cloth should not be too wet, otherwise the golgappas may get spoiled.

if you Golgappa Recipe If you don’t know then all of you Youtube channel You can get information from.

If you are doing business in the city and you have to make a lot of golgappas, then you can also use a golgappa making machine, so that your golgappas will be prepared automatically.

Machines used for making Golgappas

  • dough kneader

  • Pani puri making (in which golgappas are prepared

dye is used to do it)

Pani Puri business cost

If you make golgappas at home, then it will not cost much. The cost that will be incurred will only come in purchasing the raw material.

If you want to make and sell golgappas with a machine, then you will get a dough kneading machine for about 20 to 25 thousand and a golgappa making machine for about 30 to 40 thousand. If you want, you can also contact any wholesaler machine seller for these machines, thus you can start the business of making Gappas at a low cost.

In how much time how many panipuris are prepared by the machine?

About 100 to 150 golgappas are prepared with the machine in about 1 kg of flour or semolina. Which takes 5 to 10 minutes. In this way, about 3500-4000 pani puris are prepared in 1 hour, in which 39-40 kg of flour or semolina is used.

Marketing and Packaging

If we talk about marketing, then if you want, you can also open a shop of raw material used in Golgappas and you can make and sell Golgappas yourself.

Golgappas are marketed everywhere, apart from this, people leave no stone unturned to get Golgappas packed and taken home along with eating.

if you want Golgappa packing Can keep polythene for. If you are doing this business on a large scale, then you should keep aluminum paper for packing because Golgappas are safe and attractive to look at.

Profit in Golgappa business

Wherever you start the business of selling Golgappas, you have to get profits, like if you open a shop for the goods used in Golgappas, then you can earn a lot of money, as well as seeing your growing business with Golgappas- Along with this, you can also open a chaat shop because there is no separate common use for it. Thus if you want to earn good profit then golgappa business Can do in which you can earn a profit of about 30-40 thousand in a month.

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