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Paper bag making business in hindi: in our country Environment Promoting the safety of the environment, the use of plastic has been completely banned. resulting in paper paper bags and plates demand has increased. paper bag Its use is beneficial for both our health and the environment. Due to high profit with low cost paper bag making business (business of making paper bags) Very trending.

if you too self employed want to do something for paper bag making businessPaper Bag making Business There is a good option. You do not need any special degree for this business. Even if you are less educated, you can do the business of making paper bags for your family’s expenses.

So come on The Rural India of this business blog Learn in- How to start paper bag making business? (How to start Paper Bag making Business in hindi)

In this blog you will know-

  • How to start paper bag making business

  • Choose a place to make paper bags

  • Paper bag making machines

  • Raw materials used to make paper bags

  • Registration and License for Paper Bag Business

  • Selection of workers for making paper bags

  • Advertisement in the business of making paper bags

  • How to market paper bags

  • Paperbag business costs

  • profit in paper bag business

How to start paper bag making business

If you are in the business of making paper bags (Paper bag business) If you want to do it, then you must have knowledge of making paper bags. If you have ever worked in paper bag making industry before then you can grow this business very soon. If you are new in this business then from where training Start this work by taking it.

Location for paper bag business

village or city you both paper bag making business can start. To start the business of making paper bags, you will need a lot of space. Because in order to make paper bags, many machines will need a place to keep them. Apart from this, you should choose such a place where there is a proper arrangement of water and electricity.

Paper bag making machines

At least two types of machines are used to make paper bags.

  1. Semi Automatic (Semi Automatic Machine)- You will have to spend around 2 to 3 lakhs to buy a semi automatic paper making machine. If you use semi automatic machine then you have to hire some laborers also. Semi Automatic Paper Making Machine ability to automate paper making machine is less than

  2. Automatic machine To buy an automatic machine, you will need around ₹ 5 lakh to 8 lakh. If you buy automatic machine. So your effort will be reduced to that extent. An automatic machine has the capacity to make about 15,000 bags in 1 hour.

Other machines for making paper bags

  • roll steeler machine

  • lead fitting machine

  • stereo grind

  • creasing machinery

  • stereo press machine

  • printing machine

  • punching machine

  • bag cutting machine

Raw materials for paper business bag

If you want to earn money by making good bags then you have to use good quality and good quality things. The following raw materials are used to make paper bags.

  • kraft paper sheet

  • offset paper

  • plain paper

  • cardboard paper

  • chemicals used in the printing process

  • tag

  • paper tape

  • Ink

  • glue

  • Paper roll for adhesive (industrial-grade)

  • polyester stereo

  • color

Registration and license for paper bag business

if you paper plate or bag business If you want to start, you will have to first register with the municipality under small scale industry. After that you will get the license of small scale industry. After this, looking at your increasing profits GST registration Can get it done. You can use both online and offline method for GST registration.

Selection of workers for making paper bags

If you are working with semi automatic machine then you will need to keep more number of workers. But if you are using automatic machine, then you will need to hire a few less workers. Along with this, you can increase or decrease the number of workers according to your business. Keep in mind, hire such people who are hardworking and not pass the time by pretending to work.

Advertisement for Paper Bag Business

It is not at all wrong to say that nowadays nothing is sold without publicity, whether it is a paper bag or gold jewelry, so you will have to work a little hard for advertising in this too. Can advertise. Along with this, if you want, you can share the information of your business with your customers by posting it on your social media account as well.

Investment in paper bag business

paper bag making business The cost also depends on the location of your business. On what scale you are doing paper bag business. First of all, you have to choose the paper bag making machine which kind of machine you want to have. You will have to put a cost in that also. Apart from this, you will also have to invest in purchasing raw materials for making bags. If you want, you can keep the raw material in your stock. After that you have to collect electricity water and labor cost.

How to do paper bag marketing

To market anything, you must first identify your customers. In the same way, for marketing paper bags, you must first identify your customers.

More paper bags are used in this business, they are the following.

  • restaurants

  • grocery store

  • sweet house

  • medical store

  • shopping malls

  • jewelry outlet

  • Retailers

Profit in Paper bag business

The use of paper bags has become so much that if you start a paper bag business. This 100% will never take you in loss because the use of paper bags is beneficial for everyone from our health to our environment. If you work in this business with hard work and dedication, then you can easily earn lakhs of rupees for months.

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