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saree business at home in India Saree There is one such garment which can be seen worn by women from Jammu and Kashmir to Kanyakumari. It is counted among the oldest costumes in the world. saree It is the main garment of Indian women. There is a lot of curiosity among women to buy sarees. In such saree business It can become a good source of income for you.

If you are also looking for a business sitting at home saree business You can start earning well. You can do this business anywhere in the city or village. saree business cost you less Ajmera Fashion Can start from. We will give you complete information about saree business in this blog.

So come on The Rural India Learn in this blog of- How to start saree business from home (how to start a small saree business at home)?

In this blog you will learn-

  • how to start saree business

  • Shop location selection and marketing research

  • How to make your shop known to the people

  • Things to pay attention to in saree business

  • What else can be done to increase the business

  • where to buy sarees

  • GST Registration for Business

  • Cost and profit in saree business

How to start saree business

in this era of fashion saree business It is very easy to do. For this, first of all you should collect information about small things of saree business. You can start this business from your home only. If your house is in the market then you can also open a saree shop or showroom. For this, you can take information about sarees from the women around your house, what kind of sarees they like. You can keep similar sarees in your shop.

Location selection and marketing research for saree business

  • Open a saree shop in crowded places or places where women’s essential items are available.

  • For this, do market research beforehand.

  • If you want, you can open a saree shop around the boutique, makeup store.

  • Keep the sarees of the customers’ choice in your shop.

  • If you want, you can also become a wholesaler by increasing the saree business on a large scale and you can also earn money by selling clothes to small shopkeepers.

How to make your shop known to the people

Advertising and promotion is the best way to reach anything to the customer. In this case, you should get the template distributed before the opening of your shop. Can also give advertisements in some newspapers. So that more and more people get familiar with the name of your shop. saree business Before starting, give information about your shop to the women around your house and shop.

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Things to pay attention to in saree business

  • Keep fashionable and trendy saree as per the trend.

  • Wear clothes according to the place where your shop is located.

  • Order the sarees from the factory 1-2 months in advance.

  • If you have opened a shop in the village, then keep only cheap and good clothes.

  • Keep branded sarees only if your shop is in the city.

  • Treat your customer with the utmost respect.

  • Give offers to your customers on festivals like- Diwali, Dussehra, Holi etc.

What else can be done to increase the saree business

saree business Along with this you can also keep related clothes like blouse, petticoat. You can hire a tailor, people will buy the saree from your shop and get the blouse stitched by your own tailor. You can make customers happy by doing small work on simple sarees.

GST Registration for Saree Business

if your saree business profits of GST turnover If it goes up to that, then you should get the GST registration done. But if you are running a small scale shop then there is no need of license. Before getting GST registration you GST Seva Kendra Go to for complete details.

Where to buy sarees for business

in India Surat It is very famous for saree manufacturing. There are hundreds of saree factories here, but located on Ring Road. Ajmera Fashion Private Limited It is a reliable institute. From here you can get cheap and attractive sarees. Ajmera Fashion can help you a lot in growing your saree business.

Cost and profit in saree business

saree business There is such a business in which you can earn good income by starting with low cost. If you start saree business from home, then you can do it even with 50 thousand rupees. After this, you can gradually increase this business. If you want to do business by opening a shop then you can invest more than one lakh rupees. By investing 1 to 2 lakh rupees, you can easily earn 20 to 30 thousand rupees sitting at home.

How to order the best sarees sitting at home?

You can order the collection of sarees sitting at home through WhatsApp. Sales executive of Ajmera Fashion +91 9998874010 / +91 9726853210 Call or message on the number then the sales executive will give you all the information including PDF catalogue. You will be able to see the saree collection with rates sitting at home and order from home.

contact details of ajmera fashion

Call or Whatsapp – +91 9998874010 / +91 9726853210

Address Ajmera fashion private limited. , D-5491, 3rd Floor, Lift No.15, Raghukul Textile Market, Ring Road, Surat, Gujarat, India – 395002


What to do if you want to do business of clothes other than sarees?

For this also you are the best textile manufacturer in Surat. Ajmera Fashion You can contact on +91 9998874010 / +91 9726853210 as here under one roof you get all types of best quality and design clothing for women, men and kids.

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