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Dhaga Making Business Plan in Hindi: No matter what the cloth is, it cannot be stitched without thread. So how can it be worn? Thread is such a thing whose demand is increasing day by day in the market. You can easily do thread making business in both city and village. You can understand by looking at the increasing demand in the market. That thread making business It is a very easy going business.

So come on The Rural India Know in this blog of- How to start thread making business? (Dhaga Making Business)

In this blog you will know-

  • how to start yarn business

  • Choosing a place to start a thread business

  • Raw material used in thread business

  • thread reeling machines

  • yarn making process

  • Registration required to start thread business

  • Cost and profit in thread business

How to start thread business?

thread making business To begin with, the first thing you should do is arrange a place. After that, you should also find out from where to get the raw materials used in the thread. The machines used in making thread should be purchased. After that you should move towards thread business.

place to start thread business

in the early stages you thread making business Doesn’t require a lot of space. If you want, you can work in a space as big as a room. You can do the work of making threads in the village. You can do it yourself or in your home, but if you want to make and sell the thread yourself, then you will have to open a shop for that. Keep in mind that the shop should be somewhere on the road.

Raw material used in thread business

You must have seen many types of threads in the market. So the kind of threads you want to have. You have to arrange for its raw materials.

As- Zari thread, silk thread, plastic thread, cotton thread etc. are easily available. Now you have to think about which thread making business you are going to start. Still know ahead, what types of raw materials you may need.

  • Statler Fiber

  • cotton or silk

  • synthetic fiber

thread reeling machines

  • thread making machine

  • thread rolling machine

  • reel making machine

thread type

thread making process

You do not need any special qualification or degree to make thread. If you want, you can start thread making work by yourself and with the help of your family members. something like you thread work can do.

  • Firstly put the raw material into the thread making machine.

  • After making thread from the raw material, fit the thread in the corona virus.

  • After that or thread and roll in reel will be ready.

By the way, all the machines are connected automatically, once you put the raw material, you will not have to work hard. After the thread is made, you will have to make arrangements for packing, how to pack and sell it in the market, for that you will have to work.

Required registration for thread business

If you do thread making business on a small scale, then there is no need for registration. But to run any business legally on a large scale, you need some necessary registrations and licenses. so if you Thread Making Business If you want to do it on a large scale, then for this you need close industry department I have to register. Along with this, you will also have to get GST registration done.

Cost of yarn making business

If thread making business Talking about the cost to start, it depends on you how you want to operate. If you want to buy automatic thread making machine big. So you will need around 5 to 6 lakh rupees for this. For this you will have to bear some expenses separately. If you want to do small scale business then you can start business according to your budget.

Profit in thread making business

Nowadays the need of thread has become so much that the demand of thread can never stop. Even though there may be a little less profit in the initial phase, but as you move forward in this business. Similarly, your hijab profits will also increase.

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