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transportation business ideas in hindi: Transport business is an evergreen business. In today’s era, people’s work is not stable at one place, they move from one place to another for one work or the other. today everyone in one way or another Transport is linked to. even if it ride cars yes or freight cars, People who do not have private vehicles. Those people take the help of passenger vehicles to travel from one place to another.

if you have money or cars you Business of transport I can try my hand. This business is very profitable business.

So come on The Rural India Learn in this blog of- How to start transport business? transport business ideas in hindi

In this blog you will learn-

  • Scope in Transport Business

  • How to start transport business

  • type of transport

  • Types of business related to transport

  • Registration and License for Transport Business

  • Investment and profit in transport business

Scope in Transport business

Looking at the increasing population and needs, the future of this business is very good. you in many ways Transport business Can go in If you are good at driving then you Driver You can become a part of the transport even by working as an engineer.

How to start transport business

To start the business of transport, you should first think about the cost and vehicles. Because in this business either or both are the most important things. Even if you do not have your own vehicle, you can join the transport business. If you want, you can work in transport as a driver. Apart from this, if you want, by renting your own car transport business can be a part of. Apart from this, if you have many vehicles then you can open your own transport.

type of transport ,Types of transport)

  • public transport

  • freight train transport

Public transport business

usually those cars public transport cracked up to be. On which people travel by paying fare. On public transport or passenger trains, you can avail the facility of fare till your destination by seeing the driver. Like- Rickshaw, Auto Rickshaw, Jeep, Taxi, Bus etc.

freight train transport

under this transport heavy transport The car comes. In which goods are loaded and sent from one place to another or transported. Sometimes people also need these vehicles. When someone has to take the goods of his house or his needs from one place to another. Then people choose such vehicles. Like Mini Truck, Bolero, Pickup, Truck etc.

You can earn profits of lakhs by choosing either of these two types of transport business.

Transport related business types

You can step into the business of transport in many ways. And you can earn money as follows-

Application based transport service

Nowadays application based taxi service has established its supremacy in the matter of transport. If someone has a two wheeler and wants to go somewhere with a four wheeler. So people first pick up their smartphone and book an Ola or Uber taxi. You are paid by the customer after the booking is delivered to their destination. So if you also buy your car or four wheeler now and drive it, then you can also get a lot of profit.

Rental car transport business

There are many such people in our country. Those who drive their car on rent. So if you know how to drive. So you can drive in a tourist place or city by taking a car on rent. After this, if you want, you can buy your own car with the profit made from it.

Cold chain service

cold chain service transport Such things come under it. Which can get spoiled as soon as possible due to temperature. However, in this business you need to invest more capital. But if you start this business, then you can get profit in the same amount. The structure of the transport providing such service is kept in such a way where the temperature is not high.

Logistics company transport

If you have a single vehicle, then you can earn good money by taking the help of a logistics company. After this, if you want, you can increase your vehicles. Then if you want, you can earn money by setting up your own logistics company only from the profit from your vehicle.

Luxury bus rental services

India is a place where there is no dearth of places to visit. Whether it is a religious place or a cultural place. You can also move forward in this direction in your transport business. However, you may have to invest a lot in the business of luxury bus transport. But according to the same your earning will also happen. For this you will also have to arrange for a tour package.

Packers and movers

Many people take the help of packers and movers to move from one place to another. For example, a person with a job gets transferred somewhere. So they need to take the help of packers and movers. If you have a luggage van. So you can also make your move forward for packers and movers. In which you have to take your customer’s goods from one place to another.

Registration and license for transport business

To start the business of transport legally, you need to get some necessary licenses and registrations done. Without this you will not be able to start your transport business. To start transport business, you have to get Shop Act license, GST, Udyog Aadhaar registration and transport license.

Investment in Transport business

Transport business is not a low cost business at all. For this you will have to spend lakhs. Apart from this, from time to time you will have to spend money on the maintenance of the vehicle. So if you have the money to spend so much. Only then think of stepping into this business.

Profit in transport business

If on hearing the name of transport, you understood that it is a high cost business. So also tell you that the speed at which your car will run. Your profit will also increase at the same speed. Because if the car is running on the road for work, then it will definitely return with some money for you. In this way, if you take your steps in this business. So no one can stop you from earning lakhs.

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