How to take care of animals in winter? , How to take care of animals in cold weather –

care of animals in cold weather: As soon as the weather changes, along with humans, animals also have to face many challenges. As the cold increases, animals need extra care. Winter has started across the country. It affects animals many times more than it affects humans.

In such a situation, maximum care should be taken of milch animals during winters. If they get sick from cold, it directly affects the production. On the other hand, if proper care is taken of animals and their food and drink in winter, they give good production.

So let’s find out, How to take care of animals in cold weather

Do this, take care of animals in cold weather

  • Make sure to put a sack of grass or gunny on the roof of the animal house.

  • Take special care that cold air does not enter the house.

  • The housing should have full space for air and gas to escape.

  • If it is very cold, a fire should be lit around the house.

  • Keep in mind that the animals should not have any problem due to the smoke.

  • Dress the animals in gunny bags or thick clothes.

  • Take special care of calves in cold.

  • Animals must be shown sunlight. This increases the immunity of the body.

  • Dry fodder must be given in the cattle shed.

  • The water given to animals should not be too cold.

  • Cold water increases the acidity of the stomach.

  • Cold water also increases the chances of animals getting sick.

  • If animals have watery nose, loss of appetite, trembling etc. in the cold season, then they should be tied in a warm place after evening.

  • Keep the animal house warm, make sure to get the animals vaccinated against diseases.

  • Give green fodder and other minerals in proper quantity to them to eat in the cold season, because the health built in the cold is useful throughout the year.

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