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How to test soil? What is the method of taking soil sample from the field, Krishi Vigyan Kendra? Method of correct identification soil health test of chemical fertilizers

soil test in hindi, In today’s time, to get good production from farming, soil health test Farming should be done only by doing. for farming healthy soil It is very important because plants take all the nutrients from the soil. as you all know use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides The soil has become very polluted. advanced farming It is necessary to get the soil tested. In such a situation, if the farmer has proper knowledge about the process of soil testing, then this work becomes very easy.

Today in this article we will give you How to test soil (mitti ki janch kaise kare?) When to do it, why to do it? Will give information about etc. by which you soil health test By taking proper care of the soil.

how to take soil sample

  • To take the sample, dig a pit at least 15 cm deep from the hoof and take the sample from there.

  • Do not remove the sample by hand, always take the soil with a spade.

  • Take several samples from different places in the field.

  • After this prepare only 500 grams of soil by mixing all the samples.

  • Always keep the sample in a clean bag.

  • Do not put it in any compost or fertilizer bag.

  • This way your clay is ready to go to the lab.

Keep these things in mind while taking soil sample

  • First of all, the soil sample should be taken when the crop is to be sown after one month.

  • There should not be any kind of grass or straw on the surface of the field while taking the sample.

  • Keep in mind, for taking the sample, the cultivated soil should not be high or low.

  • Do not take samples from around the roots of trees in the field.

  • Do not take the sample in the field from such a place where there is a water drain or a pile of vermicompost etc.

  • Never take sample from the standing crop in the field.

  • Get the sample tested in a reliable lab.

Benefits of soil testing

  • Soil testing gives information about the amount of salts along with elements like nitrogen, phosphorous, potash etc. present in the soil of the farm.
  • It helps in selecting the crops according to the nutrients present in the soil.
  • of clay Ph value is also revealed.
  • We can make the soil healthy by completing the nutrients which are lacking in the soil.

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