Howrah NJP Vande Bharat Stoppage: Vande Bharat Express will stop at three stations instead of two! Eastern Railway’s biggest update on routes –

Howrah NJP Vande Bharat Stoppage: Just a day before the inauguration, the big news was announced by the Eastern Railway. Vande Bharat Express will be inaugurated on Friday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself will inaugurate the Vande Bharat Express. Just a day before that, Eastern Railway released the big information. It was known till now that Vande Bharat will stop only at Malda Junction between Howrah and NGP. Eastern Railway also planned to stop at any other station. There was a lot of speculation about which station that would be. But all speculation ends.

Bande Bharat Express will stop at which station?

Eklavya Chakraborty, Chief Public Relations Officer of Eastern Railway, told Digital on Thursday, “Vande Bharat Express will stop at 3 stations on its route. Among them, the pre-scheduled Malda Junction is one, Bolpur is the second and Barsoi is the other station.”

Check the time table of Bande India

As per the time table published by Eastern Railway, the Bande Bharat train will depart from Howrah at 5:50 AM. In that case the train will reach Barsoi station by 12 noon. Barsoi is the next station after Malda Town in terms of Shatabdi. The same is true in India. The train will reach NJP at 1:50 PM. In case of return, the train will depart one hour after reaching NJP. The train will leave NJP at 2:50 PM and reach Howrah station at 10:50 PM.

Fare of Vande Bharat Express

On the other hand, the fare of the train has not been fixed yet, said the Eastern Railway official. But according to a source, the rent may be around 2000 rupees. Basically there are two classes of coaches in India. Although the entire train is equipped with chair cars, there are two sections. One is an AC chair car and the other is an executive chair car. According to the sources, the rent can be different in these two categories.

Bengali food will also be found in Bande India

According to sources, the Vande Bharat Express will also have special catering facilities to provide the best service to the passengers. Keeping Bengaliana in mind, there is a strong possibility of chicken getting a place in the menu. Besides, you can have luchi-alurdam for breakfast. On the other hand, snacks can be combined with hot chicken. According to Eastern Railway sources, they are looking forward to run new trains. All preparations are already done. India’s journey to the first Bande of East India will begin when the Prime Minister inaugurates it on Sunday.

The speed of the train

Generally speaking, Bande has a maximum speed of 180 km/h in India. But the Howrah-NJP Bande Bharat Express will not be able to reach a maximum speed of 130 kmph on the entire journey. However, the average speed of the train is lower. Howrah – NJP distance and time shows that the average speed of India in Bande is 72 kmph. However, Eastern Railway is trying to increase this speed a little more.

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