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IIT Kharagpur: This time IIT Kharagpur will cross the country and reach abroad. Kharagpur’s first international campus is going to be opened in Malaysia very soon. Director VK Tiwari mentioned the related matter in the convocation ceremony of IIT Kharagpur recently. In the convocation ceremony, he said, Kharagpur IIT’s future goal is to maintain its place among the top ten institutions in the world.

IIT Kharagpur is the largest technology and technical educational institute of the country. Recently the convocation ceremony of IIT Kharagpur was organized. On this occasion, the director of the institution VK Tiwari announced that the first international campus of Kharagpur is going to be opened in Malaysia very soon. But when exactly will the campus open? He has not yet informed about that properly. But according to him, there is a need to open campuses abroad to place IIT Kharagpur among the world’s top institutions.

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According to the director of IIT Kharagpur, there is a plan to start teaching in the international campus from the next academic year. However, no details have been given yet. Incidentally, IIT Kharagpur has maintained its status as an important educational institution in the country for the past few years. Undoubtedly, this educational institution has a special achievement as it has reached abroad beyond the country.

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