In the case of B.Ed vs. D.El.Ed, the court’s verdict is in favor of ‘D.L.Ed’! Learn the details! –

Cases were filed by various states regarding the deprivation of D.L.Ed candidates in the recruitment of primary teachers. The hearing of this case was today. Even though the judges did not give the final verdict on this day, it is likely that the verdict of the related case will go towards the D.L.Ed candidates. The next hearing of this case is next Friday.

D.L.Ed candidates are being deprived of primary teacher recruitment in different states! A case was filed in the court on behalf of several states with such allegations. Among them, the situation became more complicated when the merit list of primary teacher recruitment for 16500 vacancies in the state was published. In this case, D.L.Ed job aspirants claim that B.Ed candidates are being illegally given the opportunity to their exclusion. Several DL Ed candidates approached the court. Later the related case reached the Supreme Court. Lawyers from both sides fought the case for B.Ed vs D.L.Ed candidates in the Supreme Court. The hearing of this case was held today.

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The question raised in the hearing of the case today is that if one can participate in the primary recruitment after passing the B.Ed, why should the D.L.Ed candidates not be suitable for the upper primary! Meanwhile, Subir Sanyal Mahashay on behalf of West Bengal said that the number of DL Ed candidates in this state is quite high. Besides, the court was requested on behalf of the Board of Primary Education, so that the B.Ed candidates of West Bengal are not affected in any way as a result of the judgment of this case. Although the related issues were discussed today, the judges did not give a final verdict. The verdict is expected to be delivered on the next hearing date of the case. At the same time, it is expected that the judgment of this case will probably go in favor of the DL Ed candidates.

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