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10 medicinal plants cultivation in hindi: By the way, all of you must have heard that Ayurveda has treatment for almost all diseases. If you use Ayurvedic things instead of allopathic, then there is no side effect. During the Corona epidemic, people have increased even more towards Ayurveda. Because only the most beneficial Ayurvedic things were found to increase immunity power. In such a situation, if you cultivate Ayurvedic plants, then you will get more profit in less cost.

So come on The Rural India Today in this blog of Top 10 medicinal plants cultivation Telling about.

Cultivation of 10 medicinal plants

Basil cultivation

Tulsi plant acts as an antibiotic. Apart from this, Tulsi is also used in small diseases related to mouth ulcer, kidney. If you want, you can plant Tulsi in your house too. You will get more profit by cultivating basil with scientific method.

Evergreen plant cultivation

This Nayantara And also known by other names. Evergreen plant is also seen in many other colors. Like- violet, white etc. People also plant its plant in their house. Its species has more medicinal properties. It proves to be very beneficial for fatal diseases like cancer, piles. The months from September to February are considered suitable for its cultivation. If you cultivate evergreen plants, you can earn your livelihood very well from farming itself.

Harsingar Farming

Harsingar is one such plant. Whose flowers play at night and fall in the morning. But this plant is full of medicinal properties. If you have any kind of fever, if you consume its leaves, then you can get rid of it. Other than this Chicken Gunia Can get rid of diseases like Harsingar Humid climate is considered suitable for plant cultivation. If you also cultivate Harsingar plant, then you can earn a lot from farming itself.

Hibiscus cultivation

Hibiscus flowers are rich in nutrients like iron, vitamin C, calcium fiber etc. If someone consumes hibiscus flower daily, then the blood in the body gets purified. Cultivation of Hibiscus For this, loamy soil and red soil are considered suitable. If you also cultivate hibiscus, then you can get more benefits in Ayurvedic farming than traditional farming.

Cultivation of Vajradanti

All of you must have heard about Vajradanti that this plant is used to keep teeth clean and gums healthy. Some thunderbolt plants have white flowers and some have yellow flowers. But all species are full of medicinal properties. It is also known as December Flower.

It is cultivated from October to December. Loamy soil is considered suitable for its cultivation. If you also cultivate medicinal plants like budget danti, then along with profits, you can also make a huge contribution to Ayurveda.

Giloy cultivation

Everyone must know that the decoction of Giloy is very beneficial for increasing the immunity of the body. Its stem is used to make decoction. Apart from this, Giloy is also used if there is any kind of fever. You can plant Giloy plant at any time. It flourishes on its own at some places. If you want, you can plant this tree in your house too. You can do its cultivation in any month. You can earn good profit from Giloy farming because the demand of Giloy remains in the market all the time.

Mogra cultivation of mogra

Mogra plant is full of medicinal properties. If there is any kind of spots or ringworm itching on our body, then applying paste on that place by grinding mogra leaves, you can get rid of such fungal infection very quickly. If you cultivate Mogra and other medicinal plants, you can earn a profit of lakhs in a year.

Aloe Vera Cultivation

Everyone would be aware of the properties of Aloe Vera. Because whether it is a skin care product or a hand sanitizer, aloe vera is used in everything. Aloe vera is full of medicinal properties. Aloe vera cultivation does not require much effort. If you want to do something without any effort. So you can earn good money by cultivating aloe vera.

Arjuna’s Farming

Arjuna plant has abundant medicinal properties. It is also used in breast cancer. If you want to get rid of chronic bone pain, then you can consume its bark. Let us tell you that in India, the Arjuna tree is most commonly found in the foothills of the Himalayas, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh. You can also earn a lot of money by cultivating Arjun because Arjun’s cultivation is very beneficial.

Neem farming

Hardly anyone would know the medicinal properties of Neem. If you grind neem leaves and apply its paste on burning, then we can get relief from burning sensation in a short time. Neem is being used in so many things these days that if you neem farming If you do, you can make huge profits.

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