Indian Railways gave the biggest quote to this German company! You will be surprised to know the amount of money –

: This time, Indian Railways has assigned a big responsibility to this German engineering company. In this context, the German company called Siemens said that they have received a quote from Indian Railways for manufacturing the engine. Which is considered to be their biggest one-time deal till date.

According to Siemens, Indian Railways has given them a quote of 3 billion Euros or about 26,052 crore rupees. Through which, they will manufacture 1,200 electric train engines. These engines will be delivered over the next 11 years. In this context, the railway division of Siemens said last Monday that this contract is the biggest contract in their history. The contract also includes maintenance and repair of locomotives for 35 years. In this context, it may be noted that the engines supplied by Siemens will be used for transportation of goods. The 9,000 horsepower engines will be able to carry 4,500 metric tons of cargo at a speed of about 120 kilometers per hour.

To be manufactured in India only: According to Siemens, most of the related manufacturing work will be done at their Indian factory. Not only this, most of the assembly work will be done at Siemens’ plant in Gujarat. Where Indian Railways will also cooperate. Besides, it is known that both parties will work together in the field of engine repair. Note that Siemens has a factory in Dahod, Gujarat. Where these engines will be manufactured. The repair work will be carried out at four depots of Indian Railways. which are located in Visakhapatnam, Raipur, Kharagpur and Pune.

Meanwhile, Siemens, considered one of the world’s largest engineering companies, said India has one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing rail networks. In this context the CEO of the company Roland Bush said, “The country (India) wants to double its cargo capacity. We will help the country achieve its desired goals with the world’s largest electrified rail network.” In addition, Bush said the locomotives they developed would “save 80 million tonnes of carbon emissions” and thus make India the “world’s largest green rail network”.

“Notable Achievements”: Also, Sunil Mathur, Managing Director, Siemens India, said, “The 9000 horse power electric locomotive is a significant milestone in the electrification of Indian Railways and we are proud to manufacture them in India with the help of Siemens Mobility’s state-of-the-art technology.” Siemens has won contracts worth more than this in the past. But they weren’t just for trains. Recently, they signed an eight billion dollar deal with Egypt. Under which they will set up a complete network of electric trains in that country and supply different types of engines.

Let it be said in this context that India has one of the largest railway networks in the world. There are more than 22,000 trains that carry 2.4 crore people daily. In such a situation, Indian Railways is considered as one of the largest freight networks, but the government wants to expand it further. The central government plans to increase the share of railways in goods transportation from the current 27 percent to 40-45 percent.

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