Indian Railways: Many people did not know until now that the Indian Railways runs soundproof trains from Kolkata! –

Indian Railways: Bullet Train, Bande Bharat Express trains are currently in news headlines. Vande Bharat Express is currently running on Indian rail tracks. The wait for the bullet train, however, is getting longer. Indian Railways also has premium trains like Rajdhani Express, Shatabdi, Durant Express. Indian Railways names several trains to match the speed. Like Tufan Mail, Durant Express. One such train is Shabadvedi Express. Which is run from Kolkata.

Which route does Shabadbhedi Express run?

The special thing is that this train does not depart from Howrah or Sealdah at all. The train departs from Kolkata station. One of its destinations is Ghaziapur City. In between this train stops at Durgapur, Asansol Junction, Madhupur Junction, Jashidi Junction, Jhanjha, Keul Junction, Hathidah Junction, Baktiapur Junction, Patna Junction, Pataliputra Junction, Dighawara, Chapar Junction, Ballia Station. On the other hand, the other Shabadbedi train leaves from Kolkata to Varanasi.

Special aspects of Kolkata-Ghaziapur City Shabadvedi Express

Not many people know about the train because it leaves only once every week. According to railway lovers, this is one reason why the train did not gain much popularity. Besides, the passengers said that they are happy with the service of the train. The train leaves Kolkata station at 8:05 PM every Sunday, reaching Ghaziapur at 10:15 AM the next day. The train has AC 2 tier, AC 3 tier, sleeper, second seating coaches. But for now the train has fully booked seats for the next 1 month. Seats are vacant for the month of March.

Indian Railways (Image Courtesy – Unsplash)

How much is the train fare?

Sleeper class fare on Shabadvedi Express is Rs.400. AC 3 tier class fare is Rs.1085. AC 2 tier fare is Rs.1545. Besides, according to the IRCTC website, this train also has second seating (2s) seats. But it is ‘NOT AVAILABLE’.

Special aspects of Kolkata-Varanasi Shabadvedi Express

This train also runs once a week. However, for Varanasi, the train leaves Kolkata at 10:45 PM on Thursday. It reached Varanasi at 10 am the next day. From Varanasi the train again goes to Ghaziapur City. There is very little difference in fares between the two trains. Railway passengers claim that the service and safety system of the train is very good.

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