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IPO to Buy: Currently the word IPO is popular in the stock market. Investors are also looking to increase their investment quickly amid plans to raise money from the market by bringing IPOs. And that is why the trend of IPOs is increasing. Several companies have come up with their IPOs over the past few months. Needless to say, companies have also managed to raise quite a bit of money from IPOs. But for investors who are yet to invest in the IPO, there is a golden opportunity for investors to have a bumper benefit today i.e. January 24. Because, Transvoy Logistics India Limited’s IPO period ends on Tuesday itself. This SME company has set a price brand price of Rs 71 per share for the IPO.

What is the status of the gray market?

Several brokerage firms report that the company has performed well in the gray market as well. The stock was traded at Rs 99 in the gray market. If this trend continues, the stock of the company may be listed in the stock market at Rs.100. That is, investors can get 20 percent profit on the first day of the stock market. But investors should keep in mind that today is the last day of investment. Investments in this IPO opened on January 20.


Investors should be aware of a few things before investing in this IPO. Among them, Transvoy Logistics India Limited’s IPO lot size is 1600 shares. The total size of this IPO is Rs 5.11 crore. According to the company, shares will be allotted to investors after buying this IP0 on 30th of this month. That means investors will see this stock in their portfolio from January 30 onwards. However, according to the company, its possible listed date on the stock market is going to be February 2. A retail investor needs to invest at least Rs 113,600 to invest in Transvoy Logistics India Limited’s IPO. It is reported that the shares of this company will be listed on BSE-SME.

Incidentally, there is a volatile situation in the stock market at the moment. Most of the stocks have started to rise and fall. A profitable IPO is targeted by many investors in such a scenario.

B. Note: Investing in stock market is risky. This report is published for information only. In this case, you should take your own consideration and expert advice for investment.

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