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IPO Today: The IPO of Ducol Organics And Colors has started two days ago. January 11 is the last chance to subscribe to this IPO. Investors can subscribe to the band’s IPO below Rs 100 from January 9. In that case, Wednesday is the last day of the IPO. Experts are quite optimistic about the company’s performance in the grey-market.

According to a brokerage firm report, on January 11, the company’s shares were available at a premium of Rs 18. If this trend continues till the share is listed, the company’s shares may be listed at Rs 96 in the market. Due to which any investor allotted shares of the company will get 23 percent profit on the first day. It is reported that Ducol Organics And Colors may be listed on the stock market on 19th.


Now let’s know some more information about this IPO. The company’s IPO has a price band of Rs.78. It has 1600 shares in one lot. That is, if an investor wants to invest in this IPO as a retail investor, he has to invest 124,800 rupees. The company will allot shares on January 18 after subscribing till January 11. On the other hand, it is reported that the shares of this company will be listed on NSE SME on January 19.

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Note that this chemical manufacturing company is located in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company was dissolved in 1994. The company mainly manufactures and sells products related to the paint industry. which serves various industries like paints, inks, textiles, detergents, paper, rubber and plastics. According to the data, the company has posted a profit of 74.7 percent higher in FY 2022 than last fiscal year. As a result, the profit of the company has increased to 4.91 crores. Which was Rs 2.81 crore in FY 2021 and Rs 70 lakh in FY 2020.

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