IRCTC Food Price: Which food prices are increasing in the train? IRCTC put an end to the speculation –

Indian Railways takes various steps in passenger convenience. IRCTC has the responsibility of providing food to the passengers to ensure that the passengers do not face any inconvenience during the long train journey. In a vast country like India, many people depend on railways for long and short journeys. In such a situation, any news related to trains has a great impact on common people.

Several reports on Tuesday claimed that the price of food on the train had been hiked. It is even said that the prices of bread and tea have been increased. But has the railway really taken any such action? A specific statement has been given by IRCTC in this regard. Which will remove confusion of common people.

Has the price of food on the train increased?

IRCTC has clarified that there has been no change in the price of the standard menu of the train. Due to which there is no impact of price increase on common rail passengers. Because the train’s pantry cars are available, there is no change in the price of common food.

Food prices have changed with the new menu

An A-La-Carte menu has been brought forward by IRCTC. The prices of the new items have been kept under the new tariff card. In this regard, it is learned that IRCTC has been given freedom in fixing the menu prices.

As per IRCTC’s food menu, several meals are available outside the fixed menu during the train journey. Passengers can order up to 70 dishes of their choice from the A-La-Carte menu. Veg, non-veg options as well as sweets can be ordered from this menu. The menu also has sugar free options for diabetics. Also, in some areas, special dishes are very popular. Those dishes are also on this menu.

As per the new prices, 2 chapatti are priced at Rs 20, 2 kachuris with tomato sauce are priced at Rs 20, 100 gm idli and 40 gm chutney are priced at Tk 20, singara is priced at Tk 10, yogurt bara is priced at Tk 15. The price of 100 grams of dhokla is 30 rupees, 150 grams of poha is 30 rupees. Boiled eggs are priced at Rs 15, each chicken sandwich is priced at Rs 25. Fish cutlet is priced at 50 rupees. 100 grams of chicken with 125 grams of curry is priced at Rs 100.

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