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Jafarabadi buffalo price: Animal husbandry is the second important occupation for farmers after agriculture. Animal husbandry along with farming is a profitable deal. Farmers also have many options in animal husbandry. Like- cow rearing, buffalo rearing, goat rearing etc. But for milk production buffalo farming It is a trending business.

buffalo farming In this farmers have to select a good breed. Today we are telling you about such an advanced breed of buffalo in this blog, by following which you can earn a good profit. This breed is Jafarabadi buffalo

Jafarabadi buffalo facts at a glance



place of origin

Jaffrabad and Bhavnagar district of Gujarat


mouth small horn curved in comparison to body




From 50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees

milk yield

15 to 30 liters


800 kgs to 1 ton

Origin and rearing area of ā€‹ā€‹Jafrabadi buffalo

The Jaffrabadi breed originated from the Jaffrabad district of Gujarat. This is why it got its name Jafrabadi. This buffalo is mostly reared in Gujarat’s Bhavnagar, Junagadh Amreli and Porbandar. Jafrabadi breed is one of the best considered breeds.

Jafarabadi buffalo identification

  • The mouth of Jafrabadi buffalo is small in comparison to the body.

  • The horn of this buffalo is also curved.

  • The color of Jafrabadi buffalo is usually black.

  • Their skin is loose.

  • The Jaffarabadi buffalo has a dome shaped forehead.

  • Jafrabadi buffalo has white marks on its forehead. Which is considered its real identity.

Specialty of Jafrabadi Buffalo

  • Jafrabadi buffalo gives milk for the maximum number of days as compared to other buffaloes.

  • Jafrabadi buffalo is considered best for business.

  • Many milk breeds are prepared by crossing with Jafrabadi.

  • Jafrabadi is considered to be the heaviest buffalo.

  • This buffalo gets ready to give birth in 4 to 5 years.

  • This buffalo has the ability to give birth every year.

  • Jafrabadi buffalo can give 15 to 30 liters of milk every day.

How to rear Jafrabadi buffalo

Almost all breeds of buffaloes are reared in the same way. If you want, you can easily raise this buffalo by feeding it green fodder and straw coming out of your farming. If you want to rear buffalo in the city, then you can rear Jafrabadi buffalo by feeding maize flour, straw, oatmeal, wheat, lentils and moong chunni.

Apart from this, in order to save buffaloes from cold, warm jaggery and mustard oil and make them drink it. This also increases the ability to give milk.

Jafrabadi buffalo price (Jafarabadi buffalo price)

jafrabadi buffalo price It ranges from about 50 thousand to 1.5 lakh rupees. This price also depends on the ability of the buffalo to give milk and its health.

profit from jafrabadi buffalo

If a farmer wants to choose a good breed of buffalo for his dairy business then Jafrabadi breed is the best. Talking about the specialty of Jafrabadi, this buffalo gives milk for the maximum number of days. This breed has the ability to give more children. Which can prove to be very beneficial for a businessman. If you want, you can do a good dairy business by buying 10 to 12 Jafrabadi buffaloes. One can earn lakhs of rupees by selling desi ghee, paneer, curd and sweets from buffalo milk.

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